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Sub sandwich central in Wilmington, Delaware. The Italian hoagie is outstanding.

Casapulla’s Sub Shop has been around for over 50 years, and produces the most reliable subs in the worldwide mecca of subs, Wilmington, Delaware. There are a few other locales for Casapulla’s (on Concord Pike, and in Rehoboth), but this is the original in Elsmere, a hole-in-the-wall, cramped space that’s popular enough that they named the street after it.

What should I eat at Casapulla’s Sub Shop?

Bustling with activity, their subs define what a sub should be: oil (no vinegar), sweet and hot peppers optional, perfect bread. You get the picture. The cheesesteaks have that perfect blend of cheese, grease, ketchup and hot peppers. You have to ask for the latter two (do so on my recommendation) and you want the ketchup hot and mixed in.

Call ahead for the most efficient service, but if you go around lunchtime, you’ll be waiting regardless. The folks at Casapulla’s are hardworking, with perfect Delaware accents. You will be called “honey,” but not in a genteel Southern manner, rather in a more brash style. But they are as nice as can be.

On a recent trip to NYC, the family and I hit the Delaware border on I-95 around 8:30 PM, and called in our order from the cell. Traffic on the interstate was at a standstill, so I called in to describe our predicament. “Just knock if we’re locked; whoever’s cleaning up in the back will let you in and you can leave your money on the counter.” Let’s see them do that at Subway…

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Cliff Shockley

May 5th, 2008

A couple years ago, a friend told me about a great sub place in Rehoboth Beach, DE named Casapulla’s. I thought he was crazy for driving 35 miles just for a sub; it can’t be THAT good, can it? Well, after reading the review of the original Casapulla’s in Elsmere, I’ve been wanting to try one for some time. I live 90 miles away on the opposite end of Delaware, but finally, recently, I had theater tickets in Wilmington and decided to make the small side trip.

The location isn’t difficult to find; however, for out-of-towners it can be slightly tricky. I made the mistake of not printing a map which would have made things easier. At a stoplight on Kirkwood Highway, I asked the guy beside me where Phillips Avenue was. “Hmmm, don’t know.” OK, what about Junction Street? “Never heard of it.” OK, no problem, I’m sure I’ll find it. He then asked what I was looking for. I replied, “Oh, this little sub shop called Casapulla’s…” He beemed. “Oh! Why didn’t you just say so! It’s right up the street on the left!” (For those of you with GPSs, enter Phillips Avenue & Junction Street as your location; right there is Casapulla Avenue, which isn’t on any of the online map sites.)

I arrived just before 8pm. The place was fairly busy, but the staff was very nice and cheerful. Well, cheerful for us Delaware folks (polite and efficient). I ordered four subs; they were all made 100% correctly. I got the “store baked turkey” and the “Boars Head turkey,” both excellent (didn’t try the “deli turkey,” which is about $1.50 cheaper).

I am very picky about deli turkey; I don’t like any pink at all (it must be oven-roasted, not smoked). I was running late for the show, so I didn’t actually get to eat my first sub for two hours (I planned ahead and brought a cooler). It was still perfect; the bread stayed very fresh, not soggy in the least. I had the second sub 18 hours later; it was also still nearly perfect (Note: it’s probably best to get peppers on the side, as they are juicy and will make the roll soggy over time. Also the onions can be a bit strong after several hours). I got another turkey sub, and an Italian sub for my family at home, and even though it was 18 hours later they both agreed it was one of the best subs they’d ever tried.

I guess I’m now the crazy one, because I’m already planning to drive 180 miles round-trip in a couple of weeks just to try their chicken steak (and to get another turkey sub).


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