Review by: Sara Griffith Dawson

Caffetteria is less than a year old and seems to be all anyone can talk about in the quaint town of Prairie Village, Kansas. And for good reason. It is both modern cafe and marketplace, giving it a laid-back feel that customers gravitate to for a relaxing lunch hour or a casual dinner with loved ones. The creator, Jo Marie Scaglia, is from an Italian background and cherishes the act of bringing people together through food. She is committed to providing guests with an authentic eating experience full of real, local ingredients cooked up just for you.

The space is a mix of neutral tones and bright pops of color. White spherical light fixtures hang from the ceiling, glossy gold tones are consistent throughout, and the walls radiate shades of pink and yellow. The marketplace area is filled with unique trinkets and gifts. The feel of it all is exquisitely easy going without trying too hard.

We started with a Commuter Egg Sando, which is a breakfast sandwich piled with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, and homemade mayonnaise, all atop a toasted English muffin. On the side, ripe avocado and a juicy tomato slice stand by, along with crisp, thick bacon slices I added onto my order for a small (and very worth it) fee. When you bite into this sandwich, you get a blend of breakfast classics all in one mouthful.

Sweet potato hash comes equipped with all the ingredients you need to create your own breakfast taco: slow-roasted sweet potatoes, charred red bell peppers, bits of earthy cauliflower, red onions, and aromatic cilantro and basil. All these toppings are crowned with a farm-fresh egg (cooked to your liking) and served with a side of spicy salsa verde and warm grilled tortillas.

The Village Club Sandwich, with a side of crunchy yet soft sweet potato fries, comes cut into petite triangles but will definitely satisfy a large appetite: herb-roasted chicken, cured ham, tomato, bacon, cheddar and Monterey jack cheeses, bibb lettuce, homemade mayo, AND pickle relish all are artistically balanced between slices of toasted wheat bread. As if this s medley of flavors wasn’t enough, a unique concoction of honey-mustard aioli is served on the side for dunking sandwich pieces and fries. Heavenly.

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