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B&R Burgers (formerly known as B&R’s Old Fashion Burgers) is not in a particularly scenic part of town, but the detour is worth it if you like thick and juicy burgers. And who doesn’t?

The restaurant consists of a few mismatched tables and chairs, with big stacks of restaurant supply cartons in the corner. The working area behind the counter looks pretty small, so I don’t mind sharing the public space with the restaurant’s overflow of drink cups and napkins – whatever it takes to keep the tasty goodness flowing! I’m just saying, B&R’s is probably not an ideal spot for a first date or a business meeting.

The menu is posted in tiny type very far above you, which you will not be able to read, and in a larger format that is plastered below you on the front of the counter, which causes you to step three feet back from the ordering window and bend sideways while you consider your options. The counter help will not be particularly amused by your awkwardness. But she will take your order with an efficiency that is startling to the first-time diner, and over time becomes yet another quirky thing about B&R’s that you grow to love.

What to eat at B&R Burgers

The menu makes an attempt to offer a variety of foodstuffs, but “burgers” is in the restaurant name so let’s not even pretend that you’re considering something else. The burger patties come in large and huge, in beef or turkey. Burgers may be anointed with chili, cheese, fried eggs, bacon, and/or pastrami. There is also the Grandma Burger, which has finely diced peppers and onions mixed in with the meat, just like meatloaf.

I managed to order the single least photogenic item on the menu. Sorry! But man, was it tasty. Behold the Chili Cheese King Burger at B&R Burgers! Even cut in half, this is a two-fisted burger that is difficult to contain within its grill-toasted bun. The King classification of burger patty is an inch thick, slightly pink at the center and juicy to a fault. Don’t worry – there is a laundromat next door if you make a mess.

The meaty chili, fragranced with smoky cumin, is substantial enough to eat with a fork and also comes in a turkey-based version for the deluded few who think turkey chili on a ginormous drippy burger will yield a healthier option.

The standard burger configuration appears to include sweet pickle relish as well as sliced dill pickle chips. Works for me. There’s also shredded lettuce, sliced tomato, and diced onion to provide a textural counterpoint to the tender burger patty, and both mayo and mustard to make sure something oozes down your wrists as you tackle that thang. I honestly cannot imagine ordering a double, but I’m told they are extremely popular.

Even though the generous burger will fill you up, be sure to get the fries. They are thick-cut, perfectly cooked and doused with seasoned salt, a shaker of which is tethered to the counter in case you need more. The fountain sodas always taste weird to me so stick to the cans in the cooler under the television. But despite appearances, everything else at B&R Burgers really satisfies.

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