Broom’s Bloom Dairy

Review by: Cliff Strutz

Just 45 minutes north of Baltimore and a mere four mile drive from I-95, you will find a slice of pastoral heaven. The Dallam family has been working this farmland in Harford County for nine generations and in 2004, they opened Broom’s Bloom Dairy.

The list of available ice cream changes frequently; we tried some of the more unusual ones. The chocolate red velvet is sinfully rich, with a seemingly endless supply of small bits of cake mixed in. It took us a few bites to get used to the sweet corn ice cream, but once we did, it quickly became a favorite. The ice cream itself has a mild corn taste and contains whole frozen kernels. Once the kernels melt inside your mouth, it releases a powerful new wave of fresh, sweet corn flavor. Others we have enjoyed include the intense coffee ice cream, which remind us of a dark roast, the naturally colored pistachio, and the farm-fresh peach.

When we saw many of the other customers eating appetizing lunches, we decided to explore the regular menu. The smokiness of the mac and cheese (using their own cheddar and smoked gouda) makes it a must-order side dish. They use those same cheeses in the gooey grilled cheese, which leaves a long string of cheese when you pull it apart. The only soup we have tried so far is the made-in-house Maryland crab soup, loaded with sweet crab meat and vegetables.

Back to that setting: we have yet to see any cows, but during one particular visit we could tell from the dairy farm smell that they were nearby. Once in mid-August, the store was boxed in by rows of corn stalks on one side and a gorgeous field of sunflowers on the other. Sitting on an outside bench, enjoying the country air and licking high-quality ice cream, is a welcome respite from civilization.

What To Eat

Ice Cream

Mac and Cheese

Maryland Crab Soup

Maryland Half and Half

Iced Tea


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September 2nd, 2012

I really like this place. The people are friendly and the service is efficient and accurate. The restaurant is spotlessly clean, even in the middle of lunch, which is especially important at a dairy.

We tried the macaroni and cheese which is excellent. I like my mac and cheese gooey like I remember it from my childhood. The cheese combo is very good-tasting. My one quibble is the absence of crust. I like a bit of crust on my mac and cheese and there is none to be found on this version. Perhaps it is made in a pot and not baked.

The Maryland crab soup is really good and has abundant crab meat. It has just enough sting from spicing but does not set the mouth afire. There are plenty of fresh veggies in it too. Best of all, it is not overloaded with potatoes, which are sort of like the ice cubes in fountain soda, adding volume with little purpose. The serving size of the soup is large.

Of course, the raison d’etre of this place is the ice cream and it is delicious. We tried several flavors. Our favorites are caramel cashew and mocha chip. Both are really flavorful. I like salted nuts in my ice cream. This is not a universal and, for those who do not like salted nuts, this is the place for you. For those of us who like salted nuts in our ice cream, the situation is easily remedied. I put a shake or two on the caramel cashew and it was delicious. World class flavor.


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