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Review by: Michael Stern

Bridgewater Chocolate in Bridgewater, CT | What to expect

We originally stumbled upon the Bridgewater Chocolate store the week before Valentine’s Day. The holiday was a perfect excuse for walking out with several pounds of candy, and we are so glad we did, for this candy, made by chocolatier Erik Landegren (whose prior culinary claim to fame was as founder of New York City’s Aquavit), turned out to be  the best chocolate we have eaten anywhere, any time.

It was apparent we were in for a treat the moment we set foot inside the shop, which is located in the most unlikely place – an industrial park where it shares real estate with a gym. But the air inside is chocoholic heaven, with an aroma that is intense but not cloying, like vaporous cocoa laced with the sweetness of fruit. The store area is fairly small, decorated with the beautiful hinged boxes in which Bridgewater packs its goodies.

Beyond the display area is a glass window that provides a view into the chocolate-making area, where men and women produce truffles, mints, chocolate bark and chocolate bars, glazed ginger, apricot, and orange peel, and diabolically delicious chocolate turtles. The turtles are made with pecans or almonds suspended in a firm caramel and enrobed in a “shell” of magnificent chocolate, milk or dark.

The repertoire of temptations also includes chocolate covered Graham crackers that are nothing like the ones you find in supermarkets. These are spread with a micro thin layer of lemon cream then coated with dark chocolate, or lime cream then milk chocolate.

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What To Eat

Chocolate Turtles

Bridgewater Truffles

Coconut Igloo

Extra Chewy Peanut Bar

Salty Brit


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