Bobkat’s Purple Pie Place

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Purple Pie Place

Pie’s the thing here — bumbleberry and rhubarb are especially good — but there is a dining room in back and a pre-pie menu of sandwiches, soup, chili, and barbecue.

The remarkable exterior of Purple Pie Place caught our eye as we passed by on the main road. We decided to see if this could become our own Roadfood find, and it was.

What should I eat at Purple Pie Place?

The pie case groaned under the weight of so many kinds of pies: rhubarb (the most popular), apple, cherry, blueberry, strawberry-rhubarb, peach, and our favorite–bumbleberry (a mixture of many fruits). We bought a whole pie to eat over the course of several days in our little RV. On first bite, the crust was flaky, buttery, and delicate. After a few days in the fridge (and it didn’t last more than two-and-a-half days), the crust was still delicious. It held up. The filling of rhubarb, apple, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries was a marvelous blend of sweet and tart, with just the right thickness. We were heartbroken to eat the last piece for breakfast.

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What To Eat

Bumbleberry Pie

Rhubarb Pie


Mac and Cheese

Chicken Pot Pie


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September 20th, 2021

We come and get pie every year here and have absolutely loved them. This year however, it’s under new ownership. We ordered two strawberry rhubarb pies to bring back to Hill City and the pies were placed in a plastic container when they previously were cooked, cooled and given to us in the pie tin. The bottom of both pies were undercooked and soggy due to the plastic containers and also not being cooked enough. We returned them to the Purple Pie Palace after talking to the manager and her saying they’d replace them or refund me. We brought back only one pie because we had cut into the other one and noticed the bottom was soggy. When we got to the Pie Palace the man at the counter was very rude! He literally turned over the pie and stuck his finger in it and said that the pie is completely cooked it’s just soggy from the pie being warm in the plastic container. We stated that it use to be given in the pie tin and the new owner said that was a waste of money so they got the plastic containers. They brought another pie out to us and we looked at the bottom and it still was soggy. The owner came out and said that the pie just came out of the tin and that’s what all their pies look like on the bottom. We said we’d just like a refund. Then another man came from the back with an apron on and told us that they use the same recipe from the previous owners. We told him again that we’ve always loved their pies in previous years but this time something isn’t right. He said it is under new ownership. The owner then finally was going to give us a refund but only on one pie. I told him the lady I talked to said to just bring in the one pie since the other one was already cut into (which we didn’t eat). We asked him to go get the lady and he stated it was his wife. We asked him to talk to her. He came back out and did refund us the money for both pies. The customer service was horrible and the two men made a scene with other customers in the store. We had no intention to make it a huge issue but the men were loud and not wanting customer satisfaction to be met. I am happy to be able to get our $53 refund but we are very dissatisfied with their pies and customer service!! We will not be returning to the Purple Pie Palace next summer. It saddens us because it’s always been a tradition.


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