Blue Crab Crabhouse

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The Maryland-style Blue Crab Crabhouse in Jacksonville, FL is a family-friendly restaurant. Cindy, an ex-school teacher, and her husband Tom run this crab house the right way. They take care of you.

What should I eat at Blue Crab Crabhouse?

Order a half-dozen blue crabs or three jumbo crabs when they are in. The blue crab dinner comes with French fries. You can also get the parmesan potatoes and the garlic toast as a side instead of fries if that is what you are craving. Do not forget to ask for a big side of butter and seasonings in which to dip your crabmeat.

They have a full bar, so feel free to get a cold beer or cocktail to compliment the food.  One doesn’t have to be in Maryland to enjoy a blue crab dinner; it’s right here in Jacksonville, Florida!

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What To Eat

Steamed Blue Crabs

Crab Balls

Fried Oyster and Shrimp Dinner


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