Blanco Bowling Club Café

Review by: Michael Stern

The Blanco Bowling Club Café is a real bowling alley, just off the town square, where the nine-pin league rolls at night. The rest of the day the alleys are curtained off, although customers in the back dining room do enjoy such décor as bowling trophies, racks of balls, and ball bags piled atop league members’ lockers.

Accommodations are basic: wood-grain Formica tables set with silver wrapped in paper napkins. There is a short counter in the front room with a view of the pass-through to the kitchen and one big table where locals come and go for coffee and terrific cinnamon buns and glazed donuts all morning.

The lunchtime menu includes hamburgers and hot beef sandwiches and an array of tacos, chalupas, and enchiladas. Lofty meringue pies are some of Texas’ finest. Coconut pie has an indescribably creamy flavor, accented by little bits of toasty coconut scattered across the top of the meringue. Fudge pie is dense, rich, and super-chocolaty.

If you are a pie fancier, put this Blanco bowling alley on your must-eat list. Meringue pies get no better.

What To Eat

Cinnamon Roll


Dinner Rolls

Roast Beef

Chicken Fried Steak


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Kenda Lloyd

March 27th, 2011

Awesome! I went there with a friend who said all the food was good, especially the pies, but I eyed a burger and fries on my way through the crowded diner. Poor lady probably thought I would pounce on her, my eyes were so big. The best burger I’ve had in years.


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