Black’s Barbecue

Bar-b-q | Smoke House | Southwestern
Worth driving from anywhere!

Most barbecue restaurants in central Texas sell little more than meat, bread, and beans, but at Black’s, you can stroll through the cafeteria line and choose hard-boiled eggs stuck on toothpicks, little garden salads in bowls, and fruit cobbler for dessert. You can even have the man behind the counter put your meat into a sandwich and your sandwich on a plate – a deluxe presentation unheard of in more traditional barbecues where meat is sold by the pound and accompanied by stacks of white bread or saltines.

Such amenities, nice though they may be, have no bearing on the superiority of Black’s pork ribs, the meat of which pulls from the bone in flavor-dripping strips, sausage rings that burst with flavor, and brisket slices bisected by an ethereal ribbon of translucent fat that leeches succulence into every smoky fiber of the meat. Black’s has been one of Lockhart’s great smoke houses since 1932; and if you want to know why Texas barbecue inspires rapture, here is a place that will make you understand.

What to Eat
Black’s Barbecue, Brisket
A close-up of Black's brisket. The blackened crust is a mark of the slow smoking process that makes meat unspeakably succulent.
Black’s Barbecue, Sausage Ring
Sausage Ring
The pit man at Black's revealed that they use 12 pounds of pork to 100 pounds of beef. That equals a very luscious sausage. The regular ring is fairly mild; also shown are a jalapeno ring, which is not only hot but also adds a bit of crisp veggie crunch to the meat, and a cheese jalapeno ring.
Black’s Barbecue, Barbecue Potato
Barbecue Potato
Black's barbecued potato isn't quite the food nutrition pyramid. It's more a mountain range. The landscape is a big, soft-baked spud loaded with butter, sour cream, and shredded cheese, all crowned with a full measure of finely chopped brisket that is richer than bacon.
Black’s Barbecue, Chili
Black's chili is primal: beef and spice in a bowl. Anything else, such as beans, cheese, onions, and crackers, is optional.
BBQ Beef Sandwich
Directions and Hours
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Sunday10am - 9pm
Monday10am - 9pm
Tuesday10am - 9pm
Wednesday10am - 9pm
Thursday10am - 9pm
Friday10am - 10pm
Saturday10am - 10pm
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The barbecue belt of central Texas: east of I-35 and north of I-10 where brisket, prime rib, and beef sausage are cooked in the haze of oak smoke slow enough that they baste themselves. Going back to the early 20th century when butchers decided to smoke unsold and unwanted cuts of beef and serve them…

Open Year Round
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Lunch, Dinner
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Outdoor Seating

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