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Probably my new favorite place to eat lunch and dinner to take home is bite. This little sandwich shop in Greenwich Village does a brisk business, even in bitter cold weather. I’d walked by it many times on my way to work, but only after I had read a magazine blurb about a $3 panini (Nutella and banana) did I stop by. I’ve been hooked ever since.

The paninis are great. Pressed until warm and crispy, the ciabatta bread is a perfect foil for the delicious array of fillings. The proscuitto, mozzarella, sun-dried tomato and pesto panini is at turns salty, gooey, and tangy. The smoked turkey, Swiss and pesto panini is one of my favorites. The one sandwich that has captured my taste buds the most, however, is the Middle Eastern turkey sandwich (spicy). This is a ciabatta roll filled with smoked turkey, plum tomatoes, greens, hummus and spicy sambal sauce (a condiment found in many Thai dishes). It’s a smoky, spicy, creamy sandwich that is like no other. I am addicted to it.

bite also offers a dessert/breakfast panini: the Nutella and banana. Nutella is a hazelnut, cocoa, and milk spread (it’s as big in Europe as peanut butter is in the U.S.) Chocolate and bananas pair well, especially so in this sandwich; a perfect snack or light breakfast. bite also offers various muffins, breads, soups and drinks.

The staff is great and on many an occasion I’ve stood in line chatting with them. I’ve been here on bitter cold days where perhaps eight people were standing in line for their paninis. That speaks volumes to me. There is no seating other than a few beat-up bar stools on the sidewalk that are great for people-watching on a warm day while enjoying lunch.

There are two other bite locations in Manhattan, at 211 East 14th Street (212-677-3123) and 62 West 22nd St. (646-649-2768).

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