Biscuits & Waffles

Review by: Michael Stern

Of course, I am going to like a restaurant named Biscuits & Waffles. If you are allergic to gluten, you will love it. Everything is gluten-free; and the waffles are dairy-free, too.

Frankly, I didn’t realize Biscuits & Waffles serves no gluten when I ate here; the waffles are crisp-edged, creamy-centered, and flavorful enough to pass for normal. But the truth is that they are eclipsed by the goodies available on top. For the MonkeyDo, that’s a heap of freshly-sliced bananas and big, ripe strawberries atop a thick blanket of Nutella. In this configuration, the waffle becomes more like an edible trivet. One named Josecita is topped with cooked-soft apples and cinnamon. A few other available waffles are the Chocokoah (coconut flakes & chocolate chips), Blueberry, and Lemon Poppy Seed & Blueberry. Syrup comes with all of them, but it’s unremarkable … and utterly unnecessary.

As for the biscuit side of the formula. Well, they’re different. With texture more like an English muffin lacking nooks and crannies, they are significantly more hefty than traditional biscuits. They’re available plain or as the foundation for breakfast sandwiches.

Biscuits & Waffles is a clean, efficient spot in the heart of downtown Richmond. Order at the counter, pay, find a seat, and food is delivered quickly.

What To Eat

MonkeyDo Waffle

Josecita Waffle

Orange Juice



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