Bijou Bakery

Worth driving from anywhere!

A bijou is a small, precious jewel. Bijou Bakery has no problem living up to its name. The bakery resides in a quaint, open-air building a block from the beach in Cayucos, California. Its open order window allows a peek inside to all the good things being mixed and baked within. Be prepared to make some tough decisions. Many outstanding options are about to be presented to you.

Try the popovers. They will be the first thing to catch your attention when you walk up to order. The dark, caramelized golden brown exterior and the rich, soft interior come to life when slathered with some of the honey butter offered on the side. 

The scones are another favorite and you will likely have a couple options. When strawberry is available, don’t pass it up. Fresh berries add a sweet bite folded within the crumbly pastry and the lightly crunchy outside creates a lovely balance of both textures and flavors. You might also find lemon which is equally as tempting with a tanginess to go with it. Gluten-free visitors will be happy to find that the gluten-free lemon scones are a standard menu item. 

With so many other options, you might turn your back on a chocolate chip muffin, but it’s not recommended. You’ll be pleased to find that the muffins at Bijou Bakery are anything but ordinary. Baked tall with a skinny base, the emphasis is put exactly where it should be in a muffin, on the muffin top. A sugar topping greets you as you dig into the delicate and dense muffin and chocolate chips inside. 

The bakery has a full menu of specialty coffees and hot tea to go along with your pastries. If you aren’t in the mood for something sweet, you can opt for the bacon or vegetable quiche. 

Like most beach towns, Cayucos is relaxed and casual with little hustle and bustle until mid-morning. So get to the bakery early for the best selection. You can also make speciality orders ahead of time for pick-up. There is some outdoor seating on-site or take a short walk across the street to the beach and enjoy a view of the Pacific ocean with breakfast. 

What to Eat
Bijou Bakery, Popover
The popovers have a dark, caramelized, crunchy exterior and can be served with honey butter.
Bijou Bakery, Chocolate Chip Muffin
Chocolate Chip Muffin
The muffins are baked tall with a sugar topping.
Bijou Bakery, Strawberry Scone
Strawberry Scone
The strawberry scone is filled with bites of sweet, fresh strawberry.
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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