Big Fatty’s BBQ

Review by: Jane Stern

It is an amazement how really good BBQ has traveled up from the South to places like rural White River Junction, Vermont. Years ago we would have scoffed at the idea of finding pulled pork in Vermont, but times have changed and Big Fatty’s proves that BBQ no longer observes state lines.

Unless you plan a long stay in town with the option of slowly working your way through the menu, we suggest the Piggy Sampler Plate. You have a choice of pulled pork, Texas beef brisket, burnt ends, or pulled chicken. The menu also includes ribs (of course) as well as burgers, Carolina dogs (topped with chili & slaw), and even grilled portabella mushrooms for vegetarians. Fatty’s BBQ sauce is thick, red, and spicy; slathered on a napkin it would still taste good.

On the side you get mac and cheese, snappingly fresh cole slaw, and baked beans. If you want to try some sensational extras, ask for house smoked bacon and caramelized onions. For dessert, the flying saucer-size Whoopie Pie reminds you that you are not in Dixie.

Big Fatty’s has 20 Craft Beers on tap and a storefront attached to the building with an astonishing selection of rare and regional brews. It is a wildly popular restaurant, but the line to order moves quickly. The food brought to your table is red hot.

What To Eat

Pulled Pork & Ribs


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