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Review by: Michael Stern

Bendtsen’s Bakery in Racine, WI |What to eat

Kringle is a pastry with Danish ancestry, but little-known on this continent beyond Racine, Wisconsin.

If you don’t know what one is, think of an ordinary Danish, like you have with morning coffee. Now, imagine its crust buttery and feather-light, almost like a croissant; and imagine it filled with a ribbon of pecan paste and chopped nuts, or a layer of almond macaroon paste, or a low tunnel of cherry and cheese. Picture it as a huge ring like a Christmas wreath, about a foot-and-a-half across and iced with sugar glaze or flavored frosting.

Finally, imagine it served warm with butter melting on top, accompanied by a cup of coffee. There you have one of the great breakfast (or tea time) treats in America. Bendtsen’s is a great place to try one.

It is not a full service cafe, but there are some seats for customers to sit and eat pastries and drink coffee. This is a good thing, because we must warn you that kringle is not car food. It’s unwieldy (crumbles and oozes), and it really should be served warm and eaten with a fork.

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Carol Ann Garner

March 31st, 2011

I’ve lived in Racine my whole life. Up until about four years ago, I’d had every other kringle in town EXCEPT Bendtsen’s. Then a friend in Milwaukee told me to go there to pick up a kringle for her: “You haven’t been to BENDTSEN’S?!” Well, I had some of hers, and I haven’t gone anywhere else since.

The crust is flakier than any in town, never mushy/soggy, and the glazed topping far outdoes the sugar-coating or frosting on others in town. The fillings are fresh and delicious.

Even though there’s another kringle bakery closer to my house, I haven’t gone to any other place since. And I’ve made all my co-workers fans, as well. Let’s face it, kringle is delicious so, yes, you’re going to like the stuff from other bakeries. But this is the PREMIUM stuff.


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