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Bendi’s Diner has three signs: two identify it as a diner, one as a BBQ hut, so I’m going with Diner. Plain and clean on the inside with John Wayne on the TV and a local construction crew at the next table.

What to eat at Bendi’s Diner

I ordered the BBQ sandwich (pork, of course, in this part of the world, with slaw) and onion rings. It was classic Arkansas BBQ, hot and smoky, not very sweet, completely unlike Memphis BBQ an hour or so to the east. Funny how you cross the Mississippi and things change so quickly. The onion rings were the real deal. My wife had the homegrown tomato stuffed with chicken salad which she said was great; no skimping on the chicken and obviously, a tomato someone had grown in a garden nearby.

Fried pies were offered, so we each had one; peach and apricot, and they were delicious, the crust light and not soggy. Then the waitress came clean and said they get them from someplace in Texarkana, so now I have a reason to go to Texarkana.

After we ordered all this, I noticed the menu board advertising buffalo ribs. These are not ribs from that woolly four-footed mammal, but from the buffalo fish. Buffalo ribs are a delicacy you sometimes see on menus in diners along the rivers and bayous of east Arkansas, and the fact that you can get a whole plate of fish ribs tells you a lot about how big and ugly a buffalo fish is. They come fried but the waitress says she’ll throw them on the grill outside if you would like. I’ll get the ribs on our next visit to Bendi’s Diner!

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BBQ pork sandwich

Sweet Potato Fries


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