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Review by: Michael Stern

Not for Billiards Lovers Only

Here’s your one-stop shop for beer, billiards, and burgers. The battle cry of Rack & Grill is “Making Pool Great Again.” If pool is not your passion but hamburgers are, I highly recommend a visit anyway. The signature dish in this vast billiards parlor is a handsome, hand-pattied, half-pound burger. It comes every which way, beautifully dressed. It tends to be cooked beyond maximum juiciness even if you order it rare. But the beef delivers plenty of flavor. Lots of juicy condiments and garnishes complement it well. Best bet: top it with cheese and mount it on a pile of bacon curls that are just-right chewy-crisp. You’ve found a very good deal at well under $10, including a bag of chips.

Beyond Burgers

Burgers are the excellent thing to eat — as they are in so many pool halls hereabouts, including Bruce’s Bar & Grill, City Billiards, Grill Reign, and the Edgefield Billiard Parlor. But in this ambitious enterprise, the menu is vast. You can eat breakfast starting at 8am or graze through a whole roster of sandwiches, munchies and, of course, cold beer by draft, pitcher, can, and bottle.

Such Nice Pool Hall!

The grill people form the burgers and cook them to order. The grill is fairly small. Therefore, do not expect instantaneous service. But good cheer rules in this cheerful, hospitable place, whether you sit at the counter (where a nice view of the grill is available) or at one of the four-top tables scattered about nearby. During a recent visit, a more delicate member of our party exclaimed, “Oh that hamburger is so big, I don’t know if I can pick it up.” The waitress instantly offered to take it back to the kitchen and have it cut in half. It returned in a trice.

Other Rack & Grills

Note that this is Rack & Grill III. You will find beer, billiards, and burgers at I and II across the river in Augusta, Georgia.

What To Eat

Bacon Cheeseburger

Chili Dog


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