Bear Creek Open Pit BBQ

Review by: Michael Stern

Callaway is way south in Maryland; and while the Chesapeake Bay is best-known for its excellent seafood, it also is a place to find true-South barbecue. One of several smoke houses in the region, Bear Creek is unique for its huge open pit. Here, pitmaster Curtis Shreve cooks pork and beef so tender that if you look at it hard, it falls apart. We are especially fond of the pork, either hand-pulled into shreds or sliced into pieces soft as velvet. It has a fine smoky flavor and a piggy richness that defies description. It is so good that we like it without any sauce whatsoever, all the better to savor the flavor of the meat. (Mr. Shreve’s sauce, we should say, is excellent: sweet, gently spicy and mildly addictive.)

What To Eat

Sliced Pork

Pulled Pork Platter

Rib Platter


Bear Creek Open Pit BBQ Recipes


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Chris Kozel

June 18th, 2022

According to google maps, this place is permanently closed.


Warren Neiderhieser

August 22nd, 2010

By far the best pulled pork BBQ sandwich I have ever had. They do not put sauce in the pulled pork, but they do have a wide variety of sauces. I usually eat half of the sandwich without the sauces as it is so good plain. I have heard that the chili is some of the best, but I usually go with the pulled pork; I usually take a pound home with me. I have had the ribs and they too are delicious.

You have a choice: carry out the food, or dine in a decent dining area. The dining area is only a couple of years old. We usually carry out as we enjoy a beer or two with the BBQ. Bear Creek is somewhat out of the way in southern Maryland. Luckily, I have a friend who has a fishing camp/vacation home down there so I get to pass by every once in a while. This is about a two hour drive from my home, but many’s the time I try to find an excuse to go there.

Definitely call ahead about the hours. We made the mistake of eating cardboard tasting pizza on a Saturday night, thinking we would go to Bear Creek on Sunday. It was not open and we were planning on bringing some home. This was in December, so the summer hours may be different. Also, cash only. They do have an ATM, but it sometimes runs out of money.

Remember to pick yourself up a T-shirt that says “I got my pork pulled at Bear Creek.”


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