Beach Road Chicken Dinners

Review by: Michael Stern

Jacksonville is America’s shrimp central, but don’t let that make you disregard Beach Road Chicken Dinners. Fried shrimp indeed are on the menu, and we suspect they are good, a suspicion based on the fact that the fried chicken is first-rate. Served family style with biscuits and gravy and honey, corn nuggets, fried okra, French fries, cole slaw, and creamed peas, white and/or dark parts come encased in a crisp, red-gold crust and drip with flavorful juices. Adventurous chicken eaters can get livers, gizzards, or hearts; and should there be someone in your party with an allergy to fried food, baked chicken is available (if you are willing to wait 45 minutes for it to bake).

A low-slung building that has expanded in all directions since opening day in 1939, Beach Road offers little in the way of polite amenities (when the staff isn’t feeling gruff, they’ll’ call you hon), and chances are you will wait in line for a table.

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Fried Chicken


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