Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery

Review by: Marlene Steinberg

I haven’t been around since 1925, but I have been going to Bay Cities since I could catch a bus. Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery has always been my go-to place for Italian groceries or a quick fix of what I consider fast food Italian.

Whether stopping there before going to the beach, on the way to a park picnic, or just on a lunch break, there are people from all walks of life in line waiting for what they know will be a delicious meal. Be sure to take a numbered ticket when entering and then, while you wait for your number to be called, you can browse the aisles of foods from Italy.

Besides a well stocked market, there is a cold deli case where you can order meats and cheeses by the pound or have your favorite sandwich made, mine being their famous Godmother: a hot and spicy Italian submarine. You can also order any of their other subs or your own concoction… just use your imagination. The rolls used for their sandwiches have just the perfect amount of crunch!

There is also a hot prepared food counter where you can order food by the pound or by the dinner. Chicken parmesan, pasta, sausage and peppers, meatballs…. there are lots of choices for a hot meal to go. There isn’t any inside seating at Bay Cities but there are several outdoor tables where you can dine with a friend or your dog.

Don’t feel like waiting in line and really want that Godmother? There is also a refrigerated case with sandwiches prepared throughout the day. Believe me, they are just as good as those you’ve waited in line for, the only difference being you can’t customize them unless you also purchase a small container of your favorite condiment, which are offered alongside the sandwiches.

One thing I never leave Bay Cities without is my all time favorite Italian pastry…sfogliatelle! (Well, that and a few small boxes of torrone!) Sfogliatelle is a shell-shaped pastry made out of extremely thin layers of stretched dough and filled with a ricotta and citron mixture that screams Italy. Don’t try to secretly eat one because they crackle with each delicious bite.

Torrone is a wafer covered, nougat type of candy made with egg whites, sugar and honey. It’s usually filled with almonds and comes in different flavors. I’ve had the lemon, orange, and vanilla, lemon being my favorite. At Bay Cities you can buy torrone in big blocks or as I buy them, in small boxed single servings. To me a good Italian restaurant always has boxes of torrone sitting by the cash register.

The one thing I dislike about Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery, besides missing 25 years of their submarines is… they’re closed on Mondays.

When traveling through cities looking for a place with good food, don’t forget the ethnic markets. You might find your next favorite place to eat!

What To Eat

The Godmother

Ham and Provolone Sub

Caprese Salad on a Roll



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