Barbecue Inn

Review by: Stephen Rushmore Jr.

Having grown up and lived in the Northeast since the 1970’s, I have accepted the region will never fry a chicken like the Southerners. Texans are experts in deep fried cuisine, and during my past trip to Houston I was in search of the very best.

The Barbecue Inn has an interior of a 1950’s diner and contrary to its name, doesn’t have any accommodations, but you will find word-class fried shrimp and chicken. They also serve barbecue dinners of ribs, pork, and chicken, but I didn’t sample any during my last visit.

According to the web site, this third generation business requires one of the owners is present in the establishment at all times. The pleasant female wait staff is what you would expect from a 1950’s dinner; they have been working in the place for most of their lives and know what the locals regularly order.

All meals start with a generous iceberg lettuce salad, which helps pass the time as the meal is cooked to order. The country-style fried chicken served has a light skin with a moist and succulent meat. After the delivery of the poultry, I sampled a couple of fried shrimp. Served with a similar, but lighter batter than the fried chicken, the rough exterior facilitated the gripping of the tartar sauce. Be sure to sprinkle salt on these jumbo crustaceans since the batter doesn’t come with much additional seasoning.

The Barbecue Inn also serves a variety of homemade pies, which I didn’t sample on this last visit, but they looked delicious as I was walking out the door. I will be sure to make room during my next visit.

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