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Choices at Bakeman’s are limited to sandwiches, salads, and a few soups each day (turkey noodle, beef vegetable, a nice chili, or, on one memorable occasion, Chinese eggflower – an egg drop variant made with cucumbers and mushrooms). Although dessert can be wonderful – chocolate or lemon poppy seed cake that is sliced like bread, carrot cake, pie, or cookies – it is not sweets that have lured customers to this semi-subterranean blue-collar cafeteria for so many years. Sandwiches are the siren song.

Turkey or meat loaf on white or whole wheat: this is sandwich perfection. The bread is homemade, stacked up at one end of the cafeteria line. Nothing like artisan bread, it is made for sandwiches. It is cut into tender, simple slices that come to life when spread with mayo and/or mustard and/or cranberry and/or shredded lettuce, then heaped with turkey or slabs of meat loaf.

If meat loaf is your dish, we recommend it on whole wheat with ketchup and shredded lettuce. The meat is tightly-packed but tender, gently spiced, and with a dizzyingly delicious aroma. As for turkey, get it any way you like; because this is superb, REAL, carved-from-the-bird turkey with subtle homey flavor. The dark meat is lush; the white meat is moist and aromatic; either variety has an occasional piece of skin still attached, a nice reminder of just how real it is. The way we like it is, in the words of the countermen who hustle things along at breakneck pace, “white on white; M & M,” which means white meat turkey on white bread with mustard and mayonnaise. You can also get it dressed with shredded lettuce and an order of cranberry relish. Turkey sandwiches get no better than this.

Note that Bakeman’s is open only Monday through Friday.

What to Eat
Bakeman’s, Turkey Sandwich
Turkey Sandwich
White turkey with cranberry sauce, lettuce, and mayo. Nothing fancy, all good.
Bakeman’s, Meat Loaf Sandwich
Meat Loaf Sandwich
Tightly packed meatloaf on freshly baked white bread.
Bakeman’s, Hot Turkey Sandwich
Hot Turkey Sandwich
A heaping pile of carved from the bone turkey served atop homemade wheat bread with gravy, simple mashed potatoes, and classic dressing.
Bakeman’s, Cherry Pie
Cherry Pie
We opted for cherry, but the other pie choices included apple, peach, strawberry-rhubarb.
Directions and Hours
Open Year Round
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Outdoor Seating

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