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As is true of ice cream, beer, and potato chips, this nation’s hamburgers have gotten better over the last several decades. There are very good ones, plain and fancy, nearly everywhere. In Los Angeles, which once had the reputation as source of the best, one place remains a beacon of burger goodness, open since 1947: the Apple Pan.

What has earned Apple Pan burgers legendary status? No one thing in particular. They are not outlandish, huge, or fancy. In fact, they are modest-sized, cooked through but still very juicy with good if not aristocratic ground-chuck flavor. They come beautifully and bountifully dressed with crisp, fresh lettuce, pickles, cheese (optional) and a choice of house-made sauces. Like the burger, the sauces in and of themselves are not stellar. There is chili sauce on the hickory burger (the meat of which gets smoky seasoning) and a barely sweet relish on the steak burger. No one element of these packages is sensational, but the combo is transcendent.

Hamburgers are enough to put the Apple Pan on the Roadfood map, but the even more outstanding item on the menu is pie. Here you find jim-dandy pies daily made on savory crusts – a double cruster in the case of apple, which is oh-so-good a la mode, and a single, supporting crust underneath the marvelous cream pies, which include coconut, spangled all over with toasty brown shreds, and banana cream, made with thick, ripe slices of banana, from-scratch custard, and buttery whipped cream.

It’s a tiny, adorable place where a mere 26 people can eat at one time, all at counter stools that face a central grill where hamburgers sizzle.

What to Eat
Apple Pan, Apple Pie
Apple Pie
Q: What is wrong with this picture? A: There is no ice cream atop the pie and no extra cinnamon sauce. Apple Pan apple pie is a must, its crust cookie-good, its filling aglow with the spiced fruit flavor of Northern Spies and Pippins
Apple Pan, Banana Cream Pie
Banana Cream Pie
The excellence of Apple Pan's banana cream pie is partially due to its being made fresh every day. The bananas remain just-right al dente and the crust is as crisp as a just-baked sugar cookie. The other reason it's good is that the custard is from scratch rather than from banana pudding.
Apple Pan, Coconut Cream Pie
Coconut Cream Pie
A flurry of toasted coconut tops the pillowy whipped cream on coconut cream pie.
Apple Pan, Hickory Burger
Hickory Burger
The famous hickory burger gets smoky seasoning and a coat of chili sauce. Of course, the lettuce is a supporting player; but its crisp abundance plays a big part in the hamburger's appeal. Burgers come well-wrapped, without plates.
Apple Pan, Steak Burger
Steak Burger
Steakburgers lack the hickory flavor of Apple Pan's signature dish, but come with their own unique, slightly sweet hamburger relish. Note the crisp rim of the bun, which has been lightly griddle-toasted.
Apple Pan, French Fries
French Fries
If you want ketchup with French fries, it is presented on a separate plate.
Apple Pan, Root Beer
Root Beer
Soft drinks are served the old-fashioned way, in paper cones held in metal caddies. This one is IBC root beer. Savvy regulars know that you can ask for an off-the-menu root beer float.
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