Apizza di Napoli

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Worth driving from anywhere!

Yes, here is the real deal, certified by the Verace Pizza Napoletana of Italy. That means the pies have a resilient edge with an occasional spot of char, their crust is wafer-thin in the center, they are twelve inches in diameter, and the groceries used to make them are first rate: Italian flour for the dough, creamy mozzarella, fruity tomato sauce. A 900-degree wood-fired oven cooks them in just a few minutes and they arrive at the table piping-hot.

Traditional pizzas arrive Italian-style: unsliced. A cutter is provided to slice your own. Knife and fork are provided, too, and you will need them. The center of most pies has crust that is too floppy to lift. About one-third of the way up each slice, the bottom becomes firm enough to hoist, fold, and eat a libretto style. By the time you get to the circumference, the last few bites are chewy like a round of freshly baked bread.

White pies, red pies, marinara pies (no cheese at all), and fancy pies with all sorts of vegetables and meats are available, as are calzones, fried ravioli, lunchtime salads and sandwiches. The “New Haven style” pizza, made with smoked provolone, garlic, and oregano, is described as “charred and well done.” This pie demonstrates just how different Wooster Street pizza is from its Neapolitan ancestors. Apizza di Napoli’s New Haven-style pie looks the part, but it is light and elegant, the crust nearly fluffy, whereas Pepe’s and its brethren in Connecticut are marked by crust with profoundly muscular chew. I am a chewy-crust guy, and my lifetime loyalty is to the soulful New Haven Old Guard, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this refined, true-Italian way. It’s the best pizza within 500 miles.

Ambience? Italian music is piped in to set the mood and an overhead TV shows scenes of Italian food being made. Service is casual and friendly. Customers place their order and pay at the front counter, which provides a fine view of the oven at work. When the pizza is ready, it is brought to the table.

In a part of the world where good pizza is rare, Apizza di Napoli is a beacon of excellence.

What to Eat
Apizza di Napoli, New Haven Style Pizza
New Haven Style Pizza
Char around the edge is the signature of legendary New Haven pizzerias.
Apizza di Napoli, Neapolitan Pizza
Neapolitan Pizza
Good crust, zesty prosciutto, and fresh greens
Apizza di Napoli, Meatballs
Brilliant tomato sauce, fresh basil, and robust meatballs
Apizza di Napoli, Stromboli
The menu warns that stromboli verges on burnt. OK with me!
Apizza di Napoli, Tuna Pizza
Tuna Pizza
Big-flavored imported tuna + lots of arugula
Apizza di Napoli, Lasagna
Sunday is lasagna day at Apizza di Napoli.
Apizza di Napoli, Vesuvius Pizza
Vesuvius Pizza
The mighty Vesuvius is a double-cruster with a sheen of char.
Apizza di Napoli, Affogata
Affogata: vanilla ice cream, espresso, and a drizzle of caramel
Apizza di Napoli, Pizza Bianca al Prosciutto
Pizza Bianca al Prosciutto
Garlic, oregano, arugula, prosciutto, & fresh mozzarella add up to a sensational pie
Apizza di Napoli, Che Cazzo Pizza
Che Cazzo Pizza
"Che Cazzo" is chef's choice. Here: seared ahi tuna drizzled with balsamico
Apizza di Napoli, Pope’s Pie
Pope’s Pie
Pope's Pie is a dazzling combo of mozzarella & gorgonzola cheese, chicken, olives, grape tomatoes, and oregano.
Apizza di Napoli, Bruschetta
Syrupy-sweet balsamic glazes make bruschetta truly appetite-piquing.
Apizza di Napoli, Calizza
Calizza is a folded-over pizza
Apizza di Napoli, Calabrese Pizza
Calabrese Pizza
Calabrese pizza: tomato sauce, mozzarella, artichokes, mushrooms, olives, salami
Apizza di Napoli, Mediterranean Flatbread
Mediterranean Flatbread
Mediterranean flatbread appetizer is crust-lover's heaven.
Apizza di Napoli, Capricciosa Pizza
Capricciosa Pizza
Capricciosa = mozzarella, pepperoni, salami, mushrooms
Apizza di Napoli, Fresca Salad
Fresca Salad
Fresca salad with a cup of sweet-tart balsamic vinaigrette
Apizza di Napoli, Grinder
Apizza's "grinder" -- Yankee for sub sandwich
Apizza di Napoli, Cheesecake Beignets
Cheesecake Beignets
Bits of cheesecake are battered and deep fried
Apizza di Napoli, Signature Salad
Signature Salad
Signature salad is an intriguing kaleidoscope of grapes, pumate, artichoke hearts, craisins, tomatoes, and lettuce.
Apizza di Napoli, Fried Ravioli
Fried Ravioli
Culinary diversity: Italian ravioli, St. Louis-style, with Dixie hot pepper sauce.
Apizza di Napoli, Ricotta Lemon Pizza
Ricotta Lemon Pizza
Off-the-menu special: ricotta-stuffed pie drizzled with lemon
Apizza di Napoli, Caprese
Caprese, drizzled with sweet Balsamic vinegar
Apizza di Napoli, Spicy Sausage Bites
Spicy Sausage Bites
Spicy sausage bites are an impossible-to-stop-eating appetizer.
Directions and Hours
closed now
Sunday12 pm - 8 pm
Tuesday11 am - 9 pm
Wednesday11 am - 9 pm
Thursday11 am - 9 pm
Friday11 am - 10 pm
Saturday11 am - 10 pm
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Lunch, Dinner
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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