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Excellent soul food includes fork-tender fried pork chops, meat loaf with good gravy, baked ham, and sweet potato pie.

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Ham Dinner

Mealoaf Dinner

Turkey Dinner





Fried Pork Chops


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Dave Metzger

April 3rd, 2014

I had the fried fish (whiting) and fries. Fish was good–crunchy breading that sealed in the light and juicy interior, not at all greasy. The potatoes were fried slices, not French fries. They weren’t crisp, but they tasted like potatoes, real potatoes, and were well seasoned.

Service was friendly and quick. The owner, who is also the cook, comes into the dining area to check on her customers.


Virginia Worzalla

May 30th, 2013

We stopped at Ann’s mid-afternoon. I ordered the turkey dinner and hubby ordered the ham dinner at $8.99 each. I had five or six big slices of tender and juicy turkey breast, served with cornbread stuffing and REAL gravy! My sides were cooked cabbage and baked beans. For once, I had food that was well-prepared and not over-salted or overcooked. There was no way that I could eat all that food.

Hubby had five or six BIG slices of ham cut from a real ham. The juice was a little salty for my taste, but that’s me. His sides were mac and cheese and potato salad. The ham was tender and perfectly cooked. The sides were delicious and homemade.

For $2.50 we got a huge hunk of yellow cake with pineapple in the frosting. Soda and sweet tea were only $1 each. We ate all we could and what we brought home will feed us for several meals. The place is hole-in-the-wall small but very clean. There is nowhere else that we will eat while we’re in this area.


Rick Tenney

May 1st, 2008

Located south of Washington, DC on US-1, Ann’s is an unpretentious little hole-in-the-wall restaurant serving good home-style cooking to locals and those who dare to try restaurants that look like the restaurants of days gone by. As soon as you approach the open front door you are greeted by the aroma of oven-roasted turkey and Virginia baked ham. Upon entering you find yourself stepping back decades to when family-run cafes dotted the landscape and local eateries outnumbered the national fast-food chains.

The first time we stopped at Ann’s the specials were smothered pork chops and ham dinner, each for $8.50, or meatloaf dinner for $4.99. We opted for the ham dinner and pork chops. Each came with two sides and corn bread. We got steamed cabbage and yams with an additional side order of baked beans with the ham, and mashed potatoes and greens with the pork.

I watched as they carved the ham off a real ham in the kitchen, not a banquet boneless ham. The meat was juicy, well-cooked and flavorful. It had a nice brown sugar glaze that was sweet but not too sweet. The yams could easily have been dessert and were clearly fresh. The cabbage was lightly seasoned, with just the right about of butter. The beans were very good although perhaps a little too sweet for a traditional New Englander.

The pork chops were about the size of your hand, lightly breaded and deep-fried and then drowned in a wonderful onion gravy. The homemade mashed potatoes had just the right amount of lumps to make them “feel right.” The greens may have been the best I have ever eaten! We finished the meal off with a bowl of Ann’s homemade peach cobbler and a bowl of banana pudding.

One downside: Ann’s serves everything in those pesky styrofoam clamshell containers, with plastic knives and forks. On the upside, the food is so good I will overlook those pesky styrofoam containers.

Ann’s is owned by an elderly African-American lady who is almost always on the premises overseeing the quality of her product. I have been back several times now and can say that her food and service are consistently high quality.


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