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Ann Arborites, University of Michigan students in particular, and those affiliated with the neighboring U. of M. Medical School have had a love affair with Angelo’s for more than 50 years. The family-run corner diner has expanded over time and now sports an “Angelo’s on the Side” annex featuring coffee drinks and pastries, but it remains a straightforward breakfast-and-lunch cafe where prices are reasonable, portions are large, and toast is rightfully famous.

Baked here daily, Angelo’s bread loaves — either white or raisin — are dense and yeasty and make for toast that is in and of itself significant. It dunks beautifully into the yolks of fried egg, coming out sopped with yellow and yet still good and chewy. You can have French toast made from this bread cooked either normally in a skillet or deep-fried, the latter method resulting in hefty slices with a crisp edge and custard-soft insides.

Angelo’s corned beef hash is a little too much about the potatoes and not quite corned beefy enough for my taste, but the beef did have a good spicy flavor and the chunky potatoes into which it was laced were diner classics.

The pancakes were disappointing — too thick and absorbent — and the apple fritter I got next door to accompany some excellent espresso tasted like it had been made the day before.

What to Eat
Angelo’s, Crabcakes Benedict
Crabcakes Benedict
Poached egg with hollandaise on top of a home made crab cake all on home made toast. Wow.
Angelo’s, Corned Beef Hash
Corned Beef Hash
Angelo's corned beef hash is quite delicious and satisfying, just so long as you know that its satisfaction comes mostly from the thick, well-oiled potatoes that are its main ingredient. The corned beef is more an adornment for them than the focus of attention.
Angelo’s, Pancakes (Short Stack)
Pancakes (Short Stack)
It's generally my policy not to show pictures of partially-eaten food, but this one does show just how spongy the pancakes are, able to aborb seemingly endless amounts of syrup. Are they filling? Yes. Delicious? Not so much.
Angelo’s, Toast
Thick, hearty toast made from Angelo's baked-daily bread is the beacon that will draw me back to this friendly Ann Arbor diner. Here, of course, is raisin toast, which costs 25 cents more than white.
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Breakfast, Lunch
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