Allin’s Diner

Review by: Cliff Strutz

St. Louis loves a slingers This mixed pile of meat, egg, potato, and chili can be found on menus all over the city. The restaurant that gets my vote for the best slinger in town isn’t actually in St. Louis proper. It’s Allin’s Diner in the far western suburb of St. Charles.

Allin’s slinger starts with a thin, well-done hamburger patty, crisp hash browns, and eggs any style you want. But a slinger is only as good as its chili; and owner/cook Dave Allin’s version is dark, meaty, with plenty of beans. It is mild in heat but big on savory flavor. You will be asked if you want chopped onion and cheese (shredded cheddar melted on top) and the answer to that is a big yes! This slinger is sizable enough to fill up an entire dinner plate. Half slingers are available for those of demure appetite.

Although breakfast is the most popular meal, Allin’s Diner is worth seeking out for lunch, too. Over 50 different homemade soups are on the menu, with 4-6 available on a given day. We have fond memories of a hearty bowl of turkey noodle, which was the perfect warmer-upper on a cold Autumn day.


What To Eat

Western Omelet


1/2 Slinger

Turkey noodle soup


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