All Star Sandwich Bar

Review by: Michael Stern

“Wrap free since 2006” crows this happy restaurant where traditional sandwiches reign. Opened by prodigious chef and writer Chris Schlesinger and his partner Jim Economides in the fall of 2006, it is a casual shop dedicated not so much to culinary ingenuity, but to classics from all around America. These include a masterful beef on Weck (from Buffalo), a Cubano, a Muffaletta, and such national faves as a Reuben, a BLT (as well as an ALT, with avocado), all-veggie specials, and an array of “Funky Sandwiches” that includes an Island Jerk Chicken Melt, an Asian-accented Mr. Miyagi, and a Latin Turkey ALT.

In addition to regional, all-American, and unique sandwiches, there are grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, a few salads, and “Texas State Penn Chili” served with cornbread. Available sides include a big dill pickle, sweet pickles, sweet and sour slaw, German potato salad, and excellent French fries. The fries can be had plain or topped with gravy, cheese, or chili and cheese.

Expect a crowd if you arrive at lunch hour. This place deserves its success!

What To Eat

Chili Cheese Fries

Texas Reuben

Beef on Weck

Grilled Falafel Burger


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Bill Homan

September 10th, 2007

I was very excited upon reading the review on for the All-Star Sandwich Bar. I had always wanted to open or at the very least frequent a place such as this, but none existed until now. The idea of taking classic regional sandwiches and serving them all in one place with a slight twist is very inspired.

I was really craving the muffaletta-inspired sandwich, but the waitress said they were all out of the scali bread. This place is big on pairing different breads to match with the sandwiches, so I opted for The Rachel instead, with a side of German potato salad. This hefty sandwich consists of turkey, swiss, Russian dressing and cider slaw on grilled sourdough bread. The choice of bread is key. The sourdough is perfectly grilled: crisp, yet retaining a wonderful chewiness, and it holds up well under the generous amount of warm, dripping filling. The moist turkey, crunchy slaw, melted Swiss, and tangy dressing makes for a delicious mess that requires more than a few napkins. It also comes with a side of creamy slaw which doesn’t seem necessary, but is crunchy and delicious nonetheless. The German potato salad is a nice counterpoint to the sandwich, bacony and cool, although it could use more vinegar and mustard.

My friend had the steak tip sandwich, which he said was one of the best he’d had. He remarked on the the flavor of the meat; whatever it had been marinated in gave it an amazing flavor. He said the fries were pretty good, but that I really needed to try the side of green beans. I think they had been sauteed with bacon and shallots. They were perfectly cooked and the flavor was very satisfying.

When we walked in, they had gratis pretzel rods and Oreos in glass jars on the counter for the taking; help yourself. A nice touch. The service and the staff there couldn’t have been better. And they even serve Arnold Palmers (half iced tea/half lemonade). They have a few dessert items, but I’d recommend saving room for the always inspired Christina’s ice cream next door.


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