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A Salt & Battery, in the West Village of Manhattan, is my favorite fish and chips shop. Owner Mat Arnfield trained at his dad’s chip shop in Great Britain and has brought his love for fish and chips to NYC. It’s a small shop with little room to sit, and you may catch a soccer game on the radio. I have been eating here for the past four years and have never had anything that I didn’t absolutely love.

They’ve stopped using cod as it has been overfished as of late, but the haddock is a worthy substitute. A firm-fleshed, flaky, white filet is dipped in a thin house batter, then deep-fried. The fish turns out crisp, yet not at all greasy, and it is incredibly tender and flaky within. This is fish with a light taste; the delicious tartar sauce is the perfect accompaniment.

The chips could be more crisp, but they do have good potato flavor and they’re divine when doused with the malt vinegar kept on the counter. One of the creative sides they offer is a “chip butty,” a sandwich of chips inside a buttered roll. Not exactly doctor recommended, but bordering on addictive. Verrrrrryyyy good and it’s rumored that whenever somebody eats one, a cardiologist gets his wings (said with my deepest apologies to “It’s A Wonderful Life”). I also highly suggest trying the deep-fried curry-battered chicken chunks.

The deep-fried Mars bar is a once-a-year treat for me. Mr. Arnfield originally put in on the menu just to see what would happen, not really expecting big sales, but it took off and now he even offers versions using a Cadbury’s Creme Egg when they are available at Easter. A word of caution: wait about five minutes before eating one as the liquid center can really burn the mouth. Believe me, it’s worth the wait!

I really respect that they’ve decided to go local and sustainable whenever possible. It makes not only environmental sense, but it’s good business sense too. Why deplete the product that enables you to make your living? Also, if you’re a British ex-pat, they have the Tea & Sympathy restaurant next door and Carry On Tea & Sympathy provisions on the other side for all of those tea and sweets cravings.

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