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Review by: Miranda Cilfone & Kris Masilamani

In the back of a lonely book store posted in quiet West Yellowstone, Montana, we found The Book Peddler cafe. Opening its doors as the sun rises and serving into the afternoon, it is perfect for the early riser or mid-morning brunch fiend.

Being the first customers in the cafe gave us the chance to ask for recommendations from the friendly young barista. We chose to take his advice, ordering a Caramel Macchiato, Black Coffee, Salted Caramel Apple-nut Croissant, and the Skinny Cowgirl and Good ‘Ol Boy breakfast burritos.

Grinding their own beans and being eco friendly were likely just some of the factors that led to the smoothness of the coffee drinks. The Caramel Macchiato was light-bodied, quite sweet, and finished with a tasty twist of whipped cream and caramel sauce swirl. The taste of coffee was masked by the sweetness and even the black coffee was free of a bitter bite at the end. Additionally, the Black Coffee was comparable to most other medium roasts, thinner in consistency and high in caffeine.

Grilled burritos seemed to be a specialty here as they took up most of the space on the menu. For a healthier but still filling option, we recommend the Skinny Cowgirl. This burrito was bursting with an ample amount of egg whites, soft cheese and colorful vegetables. We were slightly off-put by most of the vegetables being barely cooked, but it was still juicy from the sautéed spinach and stayed warm in the wrap. The Good ‘Ol Boy, a favorite of the baristas, was perfect for the breakfast meat lover with less of an appetite. The sausage was flavorful enough to permeate throughout the eggs, cheese, peppers and onions without being overly filling. Be sure to ask for salsa on the side to make for a complete burrito experience.

If a burrito doesn’t grab your interest, or even if you’re not hungry, please take our recommendation of ordering a sweet treat to compliment your morning coffee. The Salted Caramel Apple-nut Croissant is out of this world! Imagine apple pie filling wrapped in cinnamon roll crafted from croissant dough, and finished with a cinnamon crumble. This bakery good is heavenly and could’ve only been better if had been warmed up.

The Book Peddler cafe is a good place to unwind downtown. Grab a book off the shelf, pull up a chair, and sip on some local joe with a home-baked pastry that will blow you away.

What To Eat

Salted Caramel Apple-nut Crossaint

Skinny Cowgirl Burrito

Good ‘Ol Boy Burrito

Caramel Macciato

Black Coffee


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