Roadfood restaurants aren't only about good food. They are places with memorable personality: diners, town cafes, BBQs, street carts, even some deluxe dining rooms.

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3 Pigs BBQ

Beef ribs & pork ribs, pulled pork, hot links & chicken along with good sauce and all appropriate side dishes are on the menu of Bellevue's 3 Pigs BBQ.
Bellevue, WA

Art’s Famous Chili Dog Stand

Known as the inventor of the chili dog, Art's Famous Chili Dog Stand stands tall. Not merely the first chili dogs, but some of the best. * CLOSED *
Los Angeles, CA

Avalon Diner | Lunch Counter Burgers at their Best | Houston

A meal at Houston's Avalon Diner is a sociable event. Lunch counter hamburgers are some of Texas' best. Lemonade & shakes are made to order.
Houston, TX

Beacon Drive-In

The Beacon is a bustling South Carolina drive-in with instantaneous counter service as well as car hops. Have the pork-a-plenty plate with sweet, sweet tea.

Ben’s Chili Bowl

Home of the unique DC street food, the half-smoke, Ben's is a beloved institution in Washington, its smoky links and hot dogs big and delicious.

Beyond Bread

Beyond impeccably fresh loaves of bread, this Tucson favorite offers sandwiches, pastries, mac & cheese, salads, soups, omelets, and coffee drinks.
Tucson, AZ

Bidwell Tavern & Cafe

Bidwell Tavern serves eastern Connecticut’s best Buffalo wings, including Green Mountain (cayenne pepper & maple syrup). They're plump, crisp and greaseless.

Big Boppers

Big Boppers is best known for chili -- all meat, no beans, topped with cheese, sour cream or jalapeno peppers. Burgers are good, too, as is peanut butter pie.

Black Cow Cafe

For the best coffee in Glendale and a menu of breakfast comfort-food favorites, the Black Cow Cafe has been a locals' favorite since 1992.
Glendale, CA

Black’s Barbecue

Black’s is one of the world-class BBQ restaurants of Lockhart, Texas, where ribs, sausage rings, and brisket are at their best.

Blue Ash Chili

Blue Ash is one of Cincinnati, Ohio's great chili parlors, serving bountiful layered plates of 3 to 5 way. Double-deck sandwiches are some of the best in town.

Buckaroo Diner

Buckaroo Diner revives a historic location and serves unforgettable brunch along the Kaweah River near California’s Sequoia National Park.

Cafe Latte

Cafe Latte is a breezy St. Paul cafeteria that offers healthful salads, lovely sandwiches, and soups, plus killer desserts including peerless turtle cake.
Saint Paul, MN

Café Poca Cosa

Cafe Poca Cosa's menu reflects what's fresh in the kitchen. Nothing is ordinary, all is creative. Mole is at its best in this Tucson treasure. *CLOSED*
Tucson, AZ

Camp Washington Chili Parlor

Camp Washington makes the best 5-Way chili in Cincinnati. Open round the clock, it also offers great chili-cheese Coneys and mile-high double-decker sandwiches.
Cincinnati, OH

Canyon Street Grill

Take a trip back into the 1950s at Canyon Street Grill, a family friendly restaurant in West Yellowstone, MT serving traditional American food, malts & shakes.
West Yellowstone, MT

Carbone’s Market | Best Big Sandwiches in Connecticut

Carbone's is a vintage Italian-American neighborhood grocery store known for the best big sandwiches in Connecticut.

Cecilia’s Cafe

Cecilia's Cafe is a humble Albuquerque restaurant serving memorable carne adovada & green chile cheeseburgers. Any dish with red or green chile is great.
Albuquerque, NM

Chili John’s Restaurant

Chili John's, dating back to 1913, is home of a unique Midwestern chili of beans, spaghetti, & meat suffused with spicy oil that cranks up the heat.

Chope’s | New Mexico Spells Chile With an “E” | Las Cruces

In the heart of New Mexico chile growing country, Chope's is an opportunity to savor chile with an E, meaning the chile pod in all its glory.

Cold Spring Tavern

Cold Spring Tavern is a 19th century stagecoach station that serves stand-out Santa Maria style tri-tip and thick, meaty chili.
Santa Barbara, CA

Corrales Mexican Food

Corrales is an exceptional Mexican roadside patio offering true examples of Ventura’s town snack, little known to outsiders: corn burritos.

D’Arcy’s Pint

D'Arcy's Pint is a family-friendly pub specializing in the unique horseshoe sandwich -- a huge kitchen-sink meal unique to downstate Illinois.
Springfield, IL

Dish | Idaho Panhandle Food-Lover’s Destination

Waterside grill and fine restaurant, Dish is an Idaho Panhandle food-lover's destination. Bests: smashed potatoes, bacon, anything with huckleberries.

Doe’s Eat Place

The Little Rock Doe's has lost its tumbledown character, but the steaks, French fries, hot tamales and lemony-garlicky salad remain among the best anywhere.
Little Rock, AR


Dot's is a best-of-Vermont town cafe serving from-scratch square meals, great burgers, and memorably fruity berry pancakes at breakfast.

Dottie’s Diner

Traditional farm house chicken pie is still available at Dottie's restaurant / diner, as are some of the best cake donuts in Connecticut and all of New England.
Woodbury, CT

Duly’s | Coney Island Hot Dogs | Old School Diner | Detroit

Duly's is an all-hours, old school diner serving superb chili, including one of the best Coney Island hot dogs anywhere. A Detroit best!
Detroit, MI

El Farolito

In the tiny New Mexico town of El Rito, El Farolito offers chiles rellenos, enchiladas, green chile and green chile cheeseburgers, plus fine Frito pie.

El Gallito

** THIS RESTAURANT IS PERMANENTLY CLOSED ** Serving locals for nearly a quarter century now, El Gallito offers a broad menu of mostly familiar Mexican dishes such as tacos, chilies rellenos, enchiladas, and burritos.
Cathedral City, CA

El Gallo Giro

A Mexican and Tex-Mex treasure southwest of Boise, Idaho, El Gallo Giro has a broad menu of expertly-made specialties from the Rio Grande and points south.

Frank ‘n Stein

Frank 'n Stein in Stuart, Florida serves grilled Sabrett hot dogs with toppings that include spiced-right no-bean chili. The coleslaw dog is a favorite.

Green Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegetarian and kosher with vegan and gluten-free options, Green is a great alternative to San Antonio's beefcentric cuisine. Smoothies are swell.
San Antonio, TX

Hank’s Hamburgers

Hank's hash-house hamburgers are good and greasy, a Tulsa best. Also on the menu: Frito chili pie, corn dogs and chocolate-covered peanut butter bon bons.
Tulsa, OK

Heid’s hot dogs

German franks, Texas hots (red wieners), and white hots made of beef, pork and veal are stars of Heid's menu: a vintage upstate New York treasure.

Hidden Valley Eatery

Breakfast and lunch are outstanding at Hidden Valley Eatery, a casual, rustic restaurant in the foothills of the Berkshires.

Highland Park Diner

Highland Park Diner of Rochester, New York serves diner food at diner prices, but does so with panache and high culinary standards. Everything's from scratch.
Rochester, NY


A rustic / modern town cafe featuring Dixie fare, rugged burgers, evening pizzas, and peach-state cocktails, Thomson's Highrail is worth a detour off I-20.
Thomson, GA


Hildebrandt's is a charming a 19th century Augusta grocery store that makes tall sandwiches and carries many hard-to-find candies, sodas, and nick-nacks.
Augusta, GA

Hoodsport Coffee Co.

Quality local coffee and ice cream pair perfectly and are available in a wide variety at Hoodsport Coffee Co. outside of Olympic National Park in Washington.

Hot Dog Charlie’s

Hot Dog Charlie’s features the mini dog -- a three-inch, natural-casing wiener nestled in a custom bun and slathered with Greek-style chili sauce.


Chili at this Port Chester dog house dive is all-beef, no bean, hot and greasy. A natural hot dog topping. Hubba: Love it or hate it!

Ike’s Chili House

Ike's is an early 20th century urban chili parlor in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Eats are cheap and cross-counter attitude is served in abundance.
Tulsa, OK

Iron Horse Grill | Beech Island Bar Food and Potent Drinks

Bar food and potent drinks make the Iron Horse Grill a favorite destination in rural South Carolina. $20 buys a year's membership.

Joe & Aggie’s Cafe

In Holbrook, Arizona, Joe & Aggie's serves a uniquely Southwestern mix of Mexican & American fare. It's a taste of vintage Route 66.

Kennedy’s B.B.Q.

Kennedy's is a tiny eat-shack in Ohio with a short sandwich menu of BBQ ham, pork, turkey, & beef topped with famous proprietary relish.
Canton, OH

Knuckle Sandwiches | Super Hero Sandwiches | Augusta, GA

Knuckle Sandwiches is a hole-in-the-wall on Augusta, Georgia's Restaurant Row serving spectacular, creative sandwiches and the city's best French fries.
Augusta, GA

L & M Cafe

Whataburgers, pork chops, fried chicken, and ingenuous dessert star at L&M Cafe, a family-friendly diner with raw nostalgic charm. *CLOSED*

La Cabana

At the border in Nogales, Arizona, La Cabana cantina serves fine chilies rellenos, steamy corn tamales, spicy enchiladas, and succulent beef burritos.

La Cocina

Sopapillas are hot and fresh at La Cocina just off I-25 in New Mexico. Note also the stacked enchiladas with green chile, beef, cheese, and a fried egg on top.

La Jalisiense | From-Scratch Mexican in North Augusta, SC

From-scratch Mexican meals from familiar fajitas & chile rellenos to menudo & pozole are made with skill and style at North Augusta's La Jalisiense.
North Augusta, SC

La Mexicana

Tortilla chips at Houston's La Mexicana come warm with 2 sauces. Fish tacos are grilled mahi-mahi. Take some heart-shaped cinnamon-sugar cookies for the road.
Houston, TX

La Posta de Mesilla

A landmark restaurant serving true New Mexico fare, La Posta is a magical dinner destination in the Mesilla Valley.

Legnon’s Boucherie

A regular award winner for boudin perfection and a practical community center, Legnon is a Cajun country legend.

Lindy’s Diner

Right on old Route 66 (Central Ave.) in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Lindy’s is a diner serving breakfast, chili and chili dogs, and blue-plate specials.
Albuquerque, NM

Little Diner

Little Diner of Canutillo, Texas, just outside El Paso, offers the best true Tex-Mex food: superb chili con carne, flautas, gorditas, and made-here tortillas.

Liuzza’s By the Track

Liuzza's by the Track is an intimate haunt for heaping plates of Cajun classics, po-boys, and trendsetting barbecue shrimp.
New Orleans, LA

Los Jarritos

Los Jarritos is a 12th Avenue cafe where Tucsonians come to eat and chat and enjoy traditional Sonoran fare from green corn tamales to hangover-cure menudo.
Tucson, AZ

Los Ojos Restaurant and Saloon

The buffalo burger with Swiss cheese and black olives is a best bet in Los Ojos Restaurant & Saloon. Chile Charley is a great chili-cheese-fries plate.


A tiny Tarrytown restaurant with minimal seating, Lubins-N-Links makes hot dogs with countless toppings plus Lubins, which is a proprietary form of roast beef.

Lucky’s Drive-In

Lucky’s is a Tacoma drive-in diamond in the rough, a red and white striped shack that serves classic American burgers, shakes, hot dogs, and tator tots.
Tacoma, WA


Lupie's is a Charlotte locals' favorite restaurant, for fresh vegetables (& mac 'n' cheese!), beautiful burgers and bountiful banana pudding for dessert.
Charlotte, NC


Mazos butter burgers are Milwaukee stand-outs. Fried potatoes on the side also are very buttery. Milk shakes are presented in their icy silver mixing cans.
Milwaukee, WI

Mike’s Chili Parlor

Mike's is a Seattle dive bar dishing out spicy-sweet, greasy chili by the bowl or atop hot dogs or spaghetti noodles. It's vintage urban Americana. Adults only.
Seattle, WA

Monument Café

The Monument Café in Georgetown makes some of the best pies in Texas; meals that precede them (including breakfast) are masterful roadside-restaurant classics.

Nick’s Chili Parlor

Although Nick's is in a modern Indianapolis building, it is an old-fashioned Midwestern urban chili parlor serving hearty meals at low prices.
Indianapolis, IN

Noon Break 2 Go

On the edge of Cody, Wyoming, Noon Break 2 Go serves time-tested New Mexico-style burritos topped with Code 10 green chili sauce.
Cody, WY

Pat’s Sub Shop

Located on an Aiken main road in a shopping plaza, Pat's restaurant specializes in sub sandwiches on soft, fluffy bread. Locals love the chicken salad.
Aiken, SC

Paul’s Pantry

Comfort dishes that everyone can enjoy mark Paul's Pantry in Mission Viejo. That includes big, fresh cinnamon rolls and California-Mexican specialties.

Pine Valley Market

Specialty grocer, artisan butcher, renowned Wilmington caterer, Pine Valley Market also is a grand place to eat lunch, when creativity tempers tradition.

Pioneer Cafe

A friendly Main Street restaurant in Sulphur Springs, the Pioneer Cafe is where locals go for such Texas standards as chicken-fried steak and authentic chili.


Pitty’s of Tulare, Calilfornia, feels like a family backyard BBQ, except for the fact that you eat inside an airplane.

Price Hill Chili

Price Hill serves such Cincinnati faves as 5-way chili, Coney Islands, and double-decker sandwiches. A house specialty is a wiener bun -- two dogs in one.
Cincinnati, OH

Rainbow Drive-In

Honolulu's Rainbow Drive-In is a top spot for hefty, affordable plate lunch that is the island ideal.
Honolulu, HI

RD’s Drive-In

RD's Drive-In : Restaurant in Page, AZ, prepares everything to order. That includes green chili cheeseburgers, chili cheese fries and fine milk shakes.

Real Chili

Real Chili serves bowls of chili mild, medium, or hot, with spaghetti or beans, or spaghetti AND beans, the full package known as the Marquette Special.
Milwaukee, WI


In Vernon, Connecticut – of all places! – Rein’s deli serves a classic array of tall sandwiches, chopped liver, stuffed cabbage and genuine New York cheesecake.

Rutt’s Hut

Rutt's Hut hot dogs are called rippers because their skin tears and crinkles when they're deep fried. With spicy-sweet relish, a New Jersey best.
Clifton, NJ

Sand Dollar Cafe

Southern comfort food served cafeteria style makes the Sand Dollar Cafe a Florida "Forgotten Coast" best bet for breakfast as well as lunch.
Port St. Joe, FL


Schwabl's is a tavern restaurant that serves Buffalo beef on weck at its best. This very well might be be America's #1 roast beef sandwich.
Buffalo, NY

Serving Spoon | Hospitality and Good Vibes Soul Food in L.A.

Estimable soul food is the specialty of the Serving Spoon, a Los Angeles restaurant that fairly rocks with hospitality and good vibes.
Inglewood, CA

Shady Grove

Shady Grove's signature dish is the Hippie Sandwich: grilled vegetables and cheese garnished with pesto mayo and served on whole-grain bread. It's really good!
Austin, TX

Side Street Inn

Side Street Inn is a sports bar that serves massive portions of Hawaiian pub grub to families and off-the-clock chefs late at night.
Honolulu, HI

Sidellis Lake Tahoe Brewery and Restaurant

Sidellis offers a menu of snacks, salads, and sandwiches with creative brews in a welcoming craft brewery atmosphere.

Stewart’s Drive-In

Root beer delivers a perfect balance of spice, vanilla, carbonation, toastiness and sweetness at Stewart's Drive-In, which features eager car-hop service.

Sunrise Cafe

In this Springfield diner, burgers are crisp-edge yummy. Breakfast is served all day. Sunrise dinner specials are fried chicken Tuesday and walleye Friday.
Springfield, IL

Swiston’s Beef & Keg

Drinking person's tavern with a minimal menu, Swiston's Beef & Keg is known for right-priced beef on weck and rib-sticking chili.

Taco House

A no-frills San Antonio taqueria with picnic-table seating, Taco House is a restaurant known for excellent and extremely inexpensive breakfast tacos.
San Antonio, TX

Teresa’s Mosaic Cafe

While enjoying Teresa's scrumptious Mexican breakfasts (some of Tucson, Arizona's best) you can watch tortillas being hand-formed and griddle-cooked.
Tucson, AZ

The Chili Parlor | Mild to Firebrand 4-Alarm | Springfield, IL

The hot-oil chili that is a specialty of Springfield, Illinois, comes in six degrees of heat at The Chili Parlor, from Mild to Firebrand. The latter is ferocious.
Springfield, IL

The Shack

The Shack is a good stop along I-95 in Connecticut for big breakfast, and such hearty fare as shepherd's pie and Yankee puddings for dessert.

Tolbert’s Restaurant

Tolbert's menu is broad, including steaks, seafood and bar food; but true-Texas chili con carne, aka bowl of red, remains true to its origins.

Twede’s Cafe | Twin Peaks’ Damn Fine Cup of Coffee

Its cherry pie, as seen in the TV show "Twin Peaks," is the headliner, but Twede's is a northwest restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Yellow Church Cafe

Expertly crafted artisan fare, including house-baked breads and world-class cakes, make meals in Ellensburg's adorable former church restaurant truly heavenly.
Ellensburg, WA

Zip’s Cafe

Zip's hand-patties wonderful cheeseburgers and makes vivid chili that is very different from traditional Cincinnati five-way.
Cincinnati, OH

Discover Great Restaurants

Pequod’s Pizza | Chicago Deep Dish Caramelized Cheese Crust

Chicago, IL

Pico de Gallo | South Tucson’s Best Tacos | Street Food

Tucson, AZ

Nick Tahou Hots | Rochester Garbage Plate | Upstate New York

Rochester, NY

Carbone’s Market | Best Big Sandwiches in Connecticut

Torrington, CT

Santarpio’s Pizza

Boston, MA

Aiken Fish House & Oyster Bar

Aiken, SC

Ban Mai Thai

Grants Pass, OR

Dish | Idaho Panhandle Food-Lover’s Destination

Sagle, ID

Convention Grill | Diner Hamburger & Great Fries | Minneapolis

Edina, MN

Ecola Seafoods Restaurant & Market

Cannon Beach, OR

Lou’s Sandwich Shop | In Norristown a Zep is Not a Hoagie

Norristown, PA

Pink’s Hot Dogs

Los Angeles, CA

Anchor Bar | Best Burger in the Northland | Superior, Wisconsin

Superior, WI

Green Gables | Smashed Crispyburger On Illinois Route 66

Hudson, IL

South Maui Fish Company | Island’s Best Poke

Kihei, HI

Taqueria el Franc

Tijuana, BC

The Planing Mill Artisan Pizza | Visalia California’s Best Pizza

Visalia, CA

Barbara’s Fishtrap

Half Moon Bay, CA


New York, NY

Casamento’s | New Orleans Best Bet for Oysters & Oyster Loaf

New Orleans, LA

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