925 Nuevos Cubanos

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Restaurant, juice bar, art gallery, and multi-facted ode to the Pearl of the Antilles, 925 Nuevos Cubanos is a unique roadside attraction that every Roadfood traveler needs to experience. Dining is al fresco, either at a counter at the edge of Andrews Avenue or at one of the picnic benches stretched out along an aisle by the side of the long building. Tables afford a view of seemingly endless paintings, sculptures, assemblages, odes, and proclamations, all having something to do with Cuban culture and politics.

The food, of course, is Cuban: handsome plancha-pressed sandwiches, empanadas, ropa vieja, a roast pig platter, seafood, and fruit smoothies based on orange juice, water or milk. The Cuban sandwich, loaded with succulent hunks of slow-roasted pulled pork, is a must. Chicharones are crisp, fatty, and intensely delicious. For something you won’t find in too many restaurants, check out the papa rellana, which is a mix of mashed potatoes and vividly seasoned beef that gets fried to a crisp and, preferably, stuffed into a length of bread that is press-cooked in the plancha. Early in the day, strong coffee is great with toasted Cuban bread or a mango-filled pastele that flakes into 1000 pieces at the lightest touch.

It’s a great place for a meal or to linger over snacks. For nothing more than a cup of coffee and a pastry, 925 is worth a visit just to bask in its energetic vibes and to interact with staff who embody the energy and warm hospitality for which the South Florida Cuban population is known. It’s been a go-to place in the community since 1976.

Note: Parking is scarce. Despite a sign warning that you can’t leave your car on the sidewalk, everyone does.

What to Eat
925 Nuevos Cubanos, Cuban Sandwich
Cuban Sandwich
Cuban sandwich is loaded with juicy chunks of roast pork.
925 Nuevos Cubanos, Guava Pastry
Guava Pastry
Duet of fragile flake crust and ooey-gooey guava filling
925 Nuevos Cubanos, Cuban Coffee
Cuban Coffee
Cuban coffee: "Strong enough to make the rooster crow!"
Directions and Hours
closed now
Sunday9am - 4:30pm
Monday7am - 4pm
Tuesday7am - 4pm
Wednesday7am - 4pm
Thursday7am - 7:30pm
Friday7am - 7:30pm
Saturday7am - 7:30pm
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Breakfast, Lunch
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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