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Review by: Emily Madsen

This “Farm to takeout” gem goes by the name 7A Foods and is a hot spot for up-island landscapers and beach goers alike. Known most for its mouthwatering sandwiches, it offers a juicy mouthful no matter what you eat. It also stocks SoCo creamery ice cream and general store goods like drinks, chips, and other snacks to pair with a sandwich. 7A is a good go-to stop for a quick pick up heading straight to the beach or wherever else your day takes you.

7A is most famous for  the Liz Lemon sandwich: house-made pastrami, turkey, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing and kettle-cooked potato chips, all on fluffy rye bread. The chips are a crunchy-salty twist that enhances all the sandwich flavors beyond any stereotypical lunchmeat sandwich. Light on the dressing and jam, packed with fresh, local meat and tasty accouterments, this sandwich is for hungry carnivores.

7A takes care of  gluten free customers, too, serving Something Sweet Without Wheat bread as an alternative. Being gluten free myself, and having tried numerous brands of gluten free bread, this is by far one of my favorites. Light, fluffy, and slightly sweet, it is especially good when coupled with the amazing 7A sandwich ingredients. Not to mention the bread is also normal size, unlike most other gluten free brands which typically are much smaller than normal slices. Accommodating dietary restrictions is not a problem here.

With its constantly rotating sandwich specialties, its farm fresh ingredients and other local snacks, 7A is for anyone seeking a sandwich and more. The staff is overly delightful and willing to help with any questions or concerns you may have about the food. A locally loved spot, this is one not to miss.

What To Eat

Liz Lemon Sandwich

Umami Tsunami Sandwich


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