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[style=”color: #ff0000;”]Salt potatoes (Syracuse, NY)[/style] – Small white potatoes, boiled in heavily salted water and served with LOTS of melted butter.  I’ve usually had them at the Great NY State Fair (most food vendors sell them at at family/firehouse clambakes.  A true taste of summer in CNY!  
Here are the most recent ones I had after a 10-mile race through Syracuse this past May.  And boy did I need to replenish with lots of salt!
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[style=”color: #ff0000;”]Garbage plate (Rochester, NY)[/style] – I’ve only had it one time, but not at Nick Tahou’s where it originated and the name is trademarked.  Other places can serve the same dish but they must call it something else, usually “trash plate”, “refuse plate”, or dumpster plate”.  Tahou’s had a booth at the Lilac Festival in Rochester in the early 1990s and while visiting friend in the area we went to the festival and I indulged in one of these plates after hearing a few of my U of R friends speak highly of it.  More than 20 years later I crave another one.  Chose your meat (hamburger, hot dog, sausage, etc…) and they cover it with a meat/chili sauce, home fries, chopped onions, mustard and hot sauce.  A scoop of macaroni salad and a scoop of baked beans on the side of the same plate and a couple slices of bread.  Sorry, no pics of this one.  Fer what ails ya!
Cheers!  -billyboy
Salt potatoes are a staple in central NY, we eat them with everything during the summer.
A garbage plate restaurant opened around the corner from our place in Oneonta, we’ve become friendly with the owner and I eat there once or twice a week. Today I had a hot plate with garlic mashed potatoes, topped with philly cheese steak, the ubiquitous “Rochester” sauce (their sauce is really spicy), and chopped onions and mustard. Sloppy but really good.


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