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Which came first I wonder.. Cincinnati Chili or Texas Weiner chili.. because Skyline and Texas Weiner are pretty similar.
All of the brands of hot dog chili are Walmart are horrible. I get little hard pieces of meat stuck in my teeth.
There’s some here you can order:
[link src=]https://www.nystyledeli.c…;ml=50&id=sMm3z6oZ

I’ve tried Coach Tony, Don’s, and Steve T’s. I didn’t try Zwigle because it had turkey in it. Don’s was a funky flavor if I remember.. tamarind or something.. Hawk Krall liked it I think.
Steve T’s is rather interesting. My Grandmother said it tasted like a smelly foot or something. If you taste it by itself it’s rather odd, bland, and left a bad aftertaste. If you ate it on a hot dog with bun and mustard, etc… some how it worked very well.
Out of the 3 I think I like Coach Tonys the best.
But above those Rochester Plate Sauce is even better.


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