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Is that about a 6-inch grinder? It looks really good. A good sandwich at a decent price and State Line chips, too. What a find!

Chances are this shop and others in the chain buy from local bakery sources, so there might be quite a difference in their grinders. So stores in CT and NJ might be quite different. You already wrote that two CT stores used different brands of meats. Are the stores franchised?

Ketteract--Now that you’ve found State Line chips in two places, you will probably start finding them all over!



Yeah, that was a 6″, their smallest.  They had two sizes larger than that, and we’ve already seen from Carbone’s that different bread might be used for grinders of different sizes, so I’m curious to see if they change it up.  


If there’s an official website for Krauszer’s, I sure as heck can’t find it.  But it seems like they must follow a franchising model.  I really want to get back to the Cromwell one and try another of their sandwiches, and see if they were indeed using Kohler meats (it’s hard to find info on that company as well) or just had the sign up.  I do remember they didn’t have the vast, elaborate menu that the East Hartford location had.  Their roast beef was A-number-1 though.


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I found a good one today!


Italian Gourmet Deli and Bakery

15 Hartford Ave

Newington, CT  06111

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This is the first place I’ve seen with a chicken cordon bleu grinder on the menu!  I guess if you think about it, you could have any place make it if they were sufficiently flexible.  But I haven’t had cordon bleu in any form in quite some time.



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