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And now Mr. Stern has covered Carbone’s!


[link src=]


A fine array of photos, too.  Those stuffed peppers look absolutely marvelous.  And I almost want to take one of their bread loaves, hollow it out, and fill it with that chili.  Speaking of the bread, I have to disagree – what I’ve had has been excellent, and not in the same forgettable class as Wethersfield’s or Franklin’s, but then again, it seems to vary depending on the size of the sandwich you order and/or when you happen to visit; other Roadfooders’ pics, including my own, show bread that looks rather different from what you got.  Odd.  At least the filling was definitely the same!  [:)]  


I was looking at their Facebook page as well, and yeah, they do have a lot of very attractive-looking comfort dishes: lasagna, casseroles, stews, mac and cheese, you name it.  


I’m glad you’ve found this thread so helpful.  I actually need to get back on the ball with grinder excursions.  There are a few Italian grocers in the South End of Hartford that I’m told make some quality grinders.  The South End does creep me out a little (okay, it actually terrifies me), but no risk is too high for great food!


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