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When I first moved from Middletown to Hartford, and Googled the area for grinder shops, the top four results were: Franklin Giant Grinder, Maple Giant Grinder, and Corner Grinder in Hartford… and Elmwood Pizza and Grinders in West Hartford. Elmwood didn’t seem to have quite the cachet of the other three, so it was postponed.


I hadn’t planned on a grinder for lunch today – I’d intended to check out Three Amigos in Manchester for a giant burrito. A three-mile traffic jam on 84 east changed my plans.



A brief age comparison:


Elmwood – est. 1972
Maple – est. 1978
Franklin – est. 1964
Corner – est. 1980


Elmwood had the usual small-eatery layout, but seemed cleaner and a smidgen more polished than the other places.



I went with half an Italian combo grinder and a slice of cheese pizza, opting to replace the lettuce and tomato with peppers.



This grinder was… hmm. I guess “average” is the word I’ll use. The bread was somewhat better than the utilitarian loaves of Franklin or the Wethersfield Pizza House, with nice texture and chew, but otherwise not notable. The peppers should have been greater in quantity and flavor – they were almost inconsequential. (For an example of what roasted pepper-slabs can bring to a grinder, see [link src=]Carbone’s.)



The provolone was lost amongst the five meats, only two of which I really tasted: the capicola and the pepperoni.  The other meats were ham, cooked salami, and Genoa salami.  I will say that this was the largest variety of meats that I’d ever seen on a pre-formulated Italian combo.  Most places do three.



I tried their pizza too for the heck of it. It was on par with pizza I’d had from VOC’s Westside in Norwich and Second Poquonock Giant Grinder in Windsor Locks, which is to say, third-rate: tasteless cheese, sauce that’s pretty close to just chunks of tomatoes, thick but forgettable crust. I don’t know if they’re trying to be Greek-style, but if so, I’ve had far better Greek-style than this.



I want to emphasize that this wasn’t a bad sandwich, exactly. It was still way above any chain, and certainly better-constructed than what I got from Stars & Stripes. It just fell short in too many areas, and it didn’t give me confidence for the rest of their menu.


Oh, by the way, BrianH1983, I did make it to Ray and Mike’s in Hamden to try their Quickwich. The mac and cheese was a bit bland, but fortunately, they had sachets of Frank’s Red Hot to help remedy that.




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