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Cheesesteak from NY Chicken & Biscuits in Hartford.


Curious about the name of this place.  Do they do chicken and biscuits like one would find in NY State?



You got me!  I’m guessing that either the guys who run it are from NY, or the name is kind of meaningless.  *shrug*


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Years ago when I lived in Connecticut I would stop at H&M grinders in Windsor Locks for the best grinders.

I ‘m in Florida and don’t have a chance to get up there only ounce or twice in the last ten years.

I knew they were slowly building a new store next door.

Are the grinders still as good as they use to be.


The [link src=]Italian combo that I had there a few years ago impressed me – but then, that was still pretty early in my explorations.  I remember thinking that the meats were of good quality.  The bread, as you can see, was the same unremarkable loaf that you often find around here.  I don’t know if that’s what they were using in your days.


This remains the only H&M grinder that I’ve had so far.  I ought to get back up there and try another.




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