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I agree about the over-hyped Boar’s Head . I remember in the 80’s they were making a big push on the East Coast, and the product was consistent vs “typical’ Grocery store deli items. Now, “Delis’ (like the NY Deli here in town) states how authentic it is. However Boar’s Head offers different lines of products. So, What is their authentic NY pastrami and Corned beef is the crappy items from the big baked Top Round with NO flavor. They don’t bother using the 1st cut flats which are available. Any flavored Top Round all tastes the same. MEH! OK, Rant over. [:(!]


They remind me a little of ruthless, aggressive 1990’s Microsoft, but other than that I don’t have much against them.  I do see other names at stores, thankfully: Hummel Bros. at Ferraro’s Market in New Haven (their pastrami is top-notch!), Dietz & Watson at Krauzser’s stores (and I once saw a Kohler sign at a Krauzser’s years ago, but who knows if it was accurate), Grote & Weigel hot dogs at ShopRite and Stop & Shop.  


I haven’t yet found Thumann’s deli meats anywhere – only their hot dogs, at the [link src=]Top Dog stand.


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