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Hey gang.
Well I started working on this addendum to my other spring report for just places in Huntsville and just never got around to posting it.
So here, after much delay, is my full debriefing.

Due to a death in the family and a graduation we ended up in HSV for 9 days over the course of 2 trips in May.
Of course we ate at my SIL s place a number of times and a catered party for the graduation. It was catered by [link src=]Nothing but Noodles and I gotta say, when it comes to noodle dishes they offer up a great chocolate chip cookie. In fairness, this was mess hall style dining so I won t condemn them for being pretty bad. Nor will I rush out and try them either.
There are 3 5 Guys in Huntsville. 2 are good. 1 is not. Unfortunately I was dragged to the [link src=,+Huntsville,+AL,+United+States&hl=en&sll=43.666596,-79.507099&sspn=0.265238,0.441513&oq=five+guys+jones+valley+&hq=five+guys&hnear=Jones+Valley+Dr+SE,+Huntsville,+Madison,+Alabama+35802,+United+States&t=m&z=14]not good one. Oh well.
To make up for 5G s we went to [link src=]Nothing Bundt Cakes and it was great. Nice, moist bundt cakes in a variety of flavours. We got Red Velvet for my nieces graduation dinner and Mrs. Sippi and I split a Cinnamon Swirl cake.

Both were great but the cinnamon one was better.
I reluctantly agreed to meet for lunch at [link src=]Mellow Mushroom. Chain pizza, YEAH!!! As it turns out, MM turns out some pretty fine pies. I had a Meat Lovers concoction and it was simply good pizza.

Probably a good step up from Costco pizza which is also pretty serviceable. I actually use Costco as my benchmark for pizza. As good or better, I m good with that. Not as good& see ya.
We made a standard stop at [link src=]Dreamland. Once again the ribs were fantastic. I would be hard pressed to say there are ribs that I like better than theirs. Not true Q in that they re grilled directly over a hickory fire but fantastic none the less. I ve posted many pictures and a [link src=]video before.
Adding to my 20 Tastes of Huntsville project we visited [link src=]Blue Plate Caf�

and [link src=]Mullin s Restaurant.
You can read about them on the [link src=]thread devoted to the list. If you haven’t already

At Mullin s I had a disappointing Patty Melt. For a regular burger they use fresh ground beef but for the patty melt they use a frozen patty. It wasn t a good one but not bad either.

#3 on the list is the Slaw Dog. I didn t see any reason to like it going in and wasn t disappointed. A sweet ketchup and cabbage slaw on a hot dog. The dog itself is good but the slaw was every bit as vile as I expected.
On a side note they make excellent onion rings.

Made fresh in house they re really just as good as onion rings get.
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