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Just east of  Yellowstone National Park, the town of Cody is a virtual museum of western mythology. Its Irma Hotel, which Buffalo Bill built in 1902 and named after his youngest daughter, stages mock gunfights in the street each night, after which visitors go inside and have a drink at its majestic cherrywood bar (given to Cody by Queen Victoria), then sit down for a meal of buffalo ribeye or prime rib. Beyond its mighty hotel, Cody has a number of eateries where you can taste the west without the folderol — BBQs, steak houses, a cafe that features sourdough pancakes and buffalo burgers, and a number of terrific Mexican restaurants. In that last category, a little place called Noon Break 2 Go has long been known for its pyrotechnical Code 10 Chili as well as a repertoire of New Mexican food made with chilies from the Mesilla Valley.

Cody’s Most Famous Dishes

Sauced pulled pork -- some soft, some chewy-edged -- overflow from a bun

Pulled Pork

Two slices of BBQ brisket, one lean, the other supersucculently fatty

BBQ Brisket

Cup of chili topped with cheese and chopped raw onions


Close view of eggs scrambled with pimento cheese

Breakfast Eggs

Cody’s Best Restaurants

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