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City Bakery - Peanut Square
City Bakery


Sandwich combines a burger and a brat ... Sheboygan brats
Charcoal Inn | Sheboygan Brats and Wisconsin Tortes


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Charcoal-grilled sausage is piled into a bun with pickle chips and onions.


"My dears, everything we make is charcoaled except the BLTs and the egg salad," a waitress informs us when we ask about specialties at the CHARCOAL INN, a luncheonette...

Sandwich combines a burger and a brat ... Sheboygan brats

North of Milwaukee

Sheboygan to Fish Creek The drive north from Milwaukee is a grand taste of Wisconsin. First stop: Sheboygan, renowned for its butchers' brats (rhymes with hots, short for bratwurst), cooked...

Thick square of strawberry cheese torte ... Sheboygan brats

Wisconsin Pie Primer

In the Dairy State, great cream pies are a given. Abundant cherry and apple trees mean outstanding fruit pies as well. In short, Wisconsin is pie paradise, home of...


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