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Travelers with appetites heading up the Connecticut River have a choice of two fine Roadfood places as soon as they cross the border from Massachusetts into Vermont. The town is Putney, at Exit 4; and the Putney Diner is a locals’ favorite that has been around for decades. Delightfully dowdy dishes like macaroni and (Vermont cheddar) cheese and American chop suey are just what they should be; and every meal must end with a slice of Putney Diner blue-ribbon pie, topped with whipped cream or ice cream. The self-proclaimed “Ninth Wonder of the World,” Curtis’s Barbecue is a blue-colored school bus in a grove with large nearby grates where where chickens and ribs cook in a haze of smoke. Business hours are seasonal; all seating is at outdoor picnic tables.

Putney’s Best Restaurants

Putney Diner


Spare ribs smoking on a grate
Curtis’s Barbecue


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