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In central Texas, kolaches outshine doughnuts. Just north of Waco, the small town of West (known for clarity’s sake as “West Comma Texas”) is the state’s kolache capital, where four different bakeries run by descendants of Czech immigrants make little square pastries that hold a dollop of fruit rimmed by a puffy pillow of supple dough. A kolache looks vaguely like the Danish you get in any diner, but a really good one is like a sweet roll that’s been to charm school. It is so exquisitely tender that a too-eager grip will compress it from a square into a blob. “Koláče [the Czech spelling] are sold warm from the oven,” assures the sign above the counter at the The Village Bakery, which added a Texas-accented kolache to the town’s repertoire: sweet dough enveloping not fruit, but a little length of smoked sausage. This pig in a blanket is listed on some West menus as a klobasniki.

West’s Most Famous Dishes

A trio of tacos hold eggs and roasted potatoes.

Breakfast Taco

Small, soft rectangular pastry contains pieces of apricot in its center


A pair of crisp-skinned pork sausages on a puddle of orange-apricot jam

Pork Dishes

A mound of "dirty rice" and cup of gravy accompany a pastry crescent filled with beef and pork sausage

Meat Pie

West’s Best Restaurants

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