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The big culinary surprise in San Antonio is Green Vegetarian Cuisine, with two locations that serve meatless meals. Not only that, the kitchen is kosher and nearly everything can be made vegan-friendly. Among its specialties are chili sin carne (without meat!), chickpea burgers, fresh juices, and several dishes made of chik-N (not chicken), including chik-N-fried steak. Less surprising but high on the Roadfood priority list is the city’s abundance of superb tacos. Nearly every taqueria rolls its own tortillas — some griddle-cooked flat, some deep-fried puffy; and while many such places are devoted exclusively to tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, some also serve genuine chili. That’s chili CON carne — con carne and nothing else: just beef and hot peppers and maybe some spice. That’s the way it was when Texas chili originated — as a dish served by the “chili queens” of San Antonio’s old market until the mid-20th century. Other culinary highlights of the city include a tostada burger in the party atmosphere of Chris Madrid’s, a table-sized pizza at Big Lou’s, and legendary mango ice cream at the historic Menger Hotel.

San Antonio’s Most Famous Dishes

Tacos filled with shrimp, salad, and jalapeno cream


Peppery menudo comes with fresh limes for squeezing.


Taco loaded with short rib, pink pickled cabbage, cheese & onion

Beef Tacos

Four cups of salsa, ready to apply to a meal


San Antonio’s Best Restaurants

Green Vegetarian Restaurant


Taco House


Chris Madrid’s


Taco Garage


Taco Taco Cafe


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