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Watauga’s Most Famous Dishes

Roast duck boasts dark, crisp, luscious skin


Stack of pancakes loaded with blueberries and spread with butter

Blueberry Pancake

Ginger-glazed block of grilled salmon rests on a bed of quinoa, corn, broccoli, and kale.


Dense square of bread pudding is awash in creamy, sweet whiskey sauce

Bread Pudding

Watauga’s Best Restaurants

Chef Point Bar & Restaurant


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Exterior view of Dave's showing gas pumps ... legendary chili dogs

Memorable Gas Station Food in America | Roadfood Bests

Fill Your Gas Tank and Your Stomach "Eat Here. Get Gas": It's a roadside jest as old as gas stations themselves. (Before gas stations, pioneering motorists bought gas in pharmacies.)...


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