Restaurants in Galveston, TX

Locals and travelers to Galveston adore Miller’s Seawall Grill, a three-meal-a-day, family-run cafe with an ocean view and a menu that reflects Gulf-Coast Texas. That means the gumbo is great, as are grilled and fried shrimp and crab-corn chowder, and meals come with sweet, pillowy hushpuppies. Galveston also is home to Texas’ oldest pharmacy, Star Drug Store. Dating back to 1917, it sports an old-fashioned soda-fountain lunch counter and a menu that includes a 7-salad sampler plate, house-made pimento cheese, and half-pound burgers. Soda fountain specialties include a hot lava cake sundae, brown cows, black cows, and white cows, as well as a “shipwreck float”: a swirl of Coke, Dr. Pepper, root beer, and cherry syrup topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Galveston’s Most Famous Dishes

Long metal dish holds ice cream, syrup, chopped nuts, and whipped cream.

Ice Cream Sundaes

Mountainous sandwich holds pastrami, egg, French fries, cole slaw, and a tomato at Primanti Brothers in Pittsburg, PA


Sub sandwich holds large meatballs festooned with carrots and other vegetables typical of a banh mi sandwich

Meatball Sub

Pink tomato soup topped with crisp, cheey croutons

Tomato Soup

Galveston’s Best Restaurants

Miller’s Seawall Grill


Star Drug Store


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