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There’s no sharp demarcation between Columbia and West Columbia, and, for that matter between West Columbia and Lexington to the west. But there are a handful of restaurants with a West Columbia address that make it a notable Roadfood destination. First and best of all is a dinner-only bistro called Terra. It’s a swank place, but not fussy; its menu is a wide-ranging repertoire of dishes from around the world prepared with local ingredients and culinary savoir fare. Not to be missed: lamb mac & cheese, wafer-thin pizza, house-baked sourdough. At the far other end of the culinary spectrum is the Zesto drive-in for skinny burgers and soft-serve ice cream. West Columbia is in the heart of BBQ country, its outstanding venue being True Barbecue (home of Pretty Lady and Sexy Lady sauce). And since the pimento cheeseburger first was served in Columbia, it’s only right to have the Platonic ideal of this South Carolina signature dish, at Kingsman. It is called the Palmetto Burger: 10 ounces of ground ribeye grilled and bunned with pimento cheese, bacon, and crisp-fried chips of jalapeno pepper. If you can get in (there’s always a wait) Cafe Strudel is a memorable place for breakfast and brunch, most especially for its griddle-crisped buttered apple strudel.

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