Restaurants in Spartanburg, SC

Spartanburg’s Most Famous Dishes

Styrofoam bowl holds dark purpble blackberries and chunks of pastry crust.


Fried Chicken

Sweet corn with pepper spice


Bowl of blackeyed peas includes slices of pink ham


Spartanburg’s Best Restaurants

Wade’s Restaurant


Outside Pork-A-Plenty at Beacon Drive-In in Spartanburg, SC
Beacon Drive-In


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Drive Ins

For two-lane travelers, pulling into a parking lot perfumed by hamburgers and hot onion rings is as satisfying as any four-star dining experience. At a true classic drive-in, you...

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Before Ralph Nader, cars were fun. For generations of joyriders, a purring V-8 was a vehicle for play and pleasure. "Companion of carefree days" is how Chevy advertised itself...

Bunned sandwich of fried bologna, chili, cheese, and onions

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The Varsity - Exterior Night

America's Best Remaining True Drive-In Restaurants

"Drive-in" has come to mean just about any cheap-eats restaurant with car-friendly parking. A genuine drive-in is a place where customers park and are waited on and eat in...


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