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Crossroads Cafe


Freeman’s Bar-B-Q


Bunned Swiss cheeseburger topped with mushrooms ... bar food and potent drinks
Iron Horse Grill | Beech Island Bar Food and Potent Drinks


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Close view of a western omelet that adds bacon to the veggies inside

Aiken, South Carolina, Horse Country

Aiken has long been a vacation destination for the horsey set – back in the 1950s, weekly non-stop train service direct from New York served wintering horses, horse owners,...

78-gallon cauldron of cooking hash

The Best Hash on Rice in South Carolina | Roadfood Bests

Hash on Rice is the star side-dish at barbecue parlors throughout the South Carolina Midlands and Upstate. A byproduct of whole-hog cookery, but frequently also made with beef, it...

5 Best Places to Get Hash in South Carolina

The Best Hash Around Hash (on rice) is the star side-dish at barbecue parlors throughout South Carolina. A byproduct of whole-hog cookery, it is made mostly from viscera and can...

4 Good Barbecues in Augusta Georgia | Roadfood Bests

Augusta, Georgia, is a destination city for anyone who loves Deep South barbecue. In the city and around it, that means pork, hereabouts served with hash on rice and...

South Carolina Barbecue | Roadfood Best of the Best BBQ

South Carolina is a magnificent barbecue state with diverse regional styles. Heading north by northwest from the coast, you'll eat red-sauced, mustard-sauced, and minimally-sauced pork. Hash on rice accompanies...


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